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I Hate Those Things

The MRI was as loud and took longer than I remembered, but since they were looking at my knee instead of my shoulder, I had my head and shoulders outside the tube and was not claustrophobic. I was lying on my back, and when I looked up there was a little unit up near the top of the outside which had a label which was just a wee bit out of my focal range. I stared and stared but could not make it out. Near the end of the session (about 50 minutes) the machine moved me about half an inch, and I was able to see what it said:

 do not stare
  into beam

There was no beam, so I was safe, which the tech confirmed when I told her.
My day also started at Kaiser, my quarterly blood test (I was a month late for that). Results are already in, kidney function is not doling so well, and while A1C was high, it was down from last time. Everything else was nominal, though K and Na were at the low end of that scale.

Got some stuff done at work, 7 of us went to the new Wing Stop for lunch. I liked the garlic Parmesan wings, but my tummy decided to process them quickly and send them out the other side about an hour later.

I went home from work at 6:30, did some stuff on the computer, put the "littercam" up and used the software to adjust the presets on the three webcams in the apartment.

Littercam was named because it had a view of the litterbox, and also let me see Domino's favorite spot in the sun, but this one can see the litterbox, the astroturf next to it which is one of Domino's parking places when I'm on the PC, and the whole office. There's one on the counter facing the diningroom which is "foodcam", which has a view of her food and water, but it can also see the recliner, the front door and most of the livingroom. I may put another one up, "treecam" to have a view of her cat tree, but she hardly uses that. But it would also show the couch, so maybe I will.

Took a look at the baseball game online just as what turned out to be the final batter was up. Giants win in a shut-out, which saves them, and brings the series back to San Francisco.

Had a pot pie for dinner, and was too bored and anxious to stick around another hour, so I left for my 9:45 MRI appointment an hour early, was there at 9, and the tech came for me before I could fill in the form all the way. She was happy to get me in early, it meant she could leave early. I was on the MRI table for 45 minutes, and driving home by 10.

I threw a few things into a light pack to bring to San Diego, not taking much because I get kicked out of the hotel at 11 on Sunday morning and my flight back isn't till 8 pm, so I plan to go to Balboa park and see museums and/or the zoo, and don't want to be carrying much.

The flight out isn't till 11 am, so I'll go to bed on my usual late schedule.

Plans for tomorrow:

Fly to SAN
Have lunch somewhere
Take public transport to my el cheapo downtown hotel (can't check in till 3)
Find a way to get to Balboa Park, pick up my theater tickets
See the 8 pm performance of Allegiance, and if I'm lucky get a photo with Lea Salonga and George Takei. Or at least autographs.
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