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Weird Dream Channel

This was from Friday night, I did not have time to enter it what with the trip to San Diego and not having a computer with me there.

I am in bed, and next to the pillow is what looks like a pirate treasure box, but a no-frills one. It is made from wood slats kept together with simple cast iron bands. The wood has a solid look to it, it appears to be stained but not varnished, not new but not weathered either. There are cast iron hinges at the top corners. I don't see a lock.

I have no clue what is inside, but I am being told over and over again that I will not be able to sleep until  Pam Dawber takes the box away. If I roll over to another side, the box follows, always up against the pillow on the side furthest from my head. After a while the name  Pam Dawber becomes an earworm.
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