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Not Much 2 Say

Ran out of tissues in the kitchen this morning, and when I went to get one from the cabinet under the sink in the small bathroom, I was hit by a cloud of moldy smell, and saw that all the TP and tissue boxes were soaked. A leak under the sink which I did not notice, maybe for a couple of weeks. I rarely need to look in that cabinet, and rarely use the sink. Went online this morning and placed a work order, but no one showed up today. Tomorrow, probably.

Work was work, a last minute snafu kept me there till almost 7.

Home, flipped between the football and baseball games. Football game was boring, for a change the baseball game was not. Giants were ahead 9-0 then it started pouring down rain harder then I've ever seen it at that ball park. With only half an inning to go (assuming the home team didn't blow a 9-run lead) the officials had them keep playing. It was a mess. They really should have stopped for an hour to let the field drain and the rain slacken. But the momentum was too high, fans were on their feet, and after one pitcher allowed two men on base, The Beard II was sent in to make the final out, which he did, pop fly to the infield, easy catch if it wasn't in a deluge. He made it, no worries.

I am thrilled that the Giants came back from near-elimination in two series in a row, and I was not even thinking that this meant a World Series is next. As far as I am concerned, no matter what happens they are The Little Team That Could™ and that's enough for me. I hope they win the series, but it would be best if they play their next four games like they played their last two, sans torture.

Am furious about the Lance Armstrong witch hunt. He has hurt no one, and he has saved many lives. He made a spectacular recovery from cancer to become one of the best endurance athletes of all time, and that would have been true whether he won 7 Tour de Frances or just finished them. I think the latest findings are a crock, due process has not taken place, and the Tour president is a total asshole for saying Armstrong should be forgotten. If the allegations were true, and I don't think they are, it's the Tour which should be forgotten for its shoddy testing, and their president should resign in disgrace.

Been coughing a lot. Dry cough, just a reflex, so this evening I broke out the flowering Jasmin tea. It helped a little, but not enough.

Last night I took 1/2 a vicodin, and it worked pretty well on the knee pain, and did not put me to sleep at work. The knee is not bothering me tonight so I'll skip it.

Yesterday I finally opened the tub of Tollhouse cookie dough and baked 2 1/2 dozen. I'd bought the tub originally planning to make the cookies for the Green Room for our final week, but there was a ton of food those three nights, so I never got around to it. Now I have munchies in the freezer. I like taking the frozen ones out and nuking them in the microwave for a few minutes

Now that my San Diego trip is done, I sat down with Word and put together my itinerary for Conflikt fil convention in Seattle at the end of January. I will be 62 by then, which gets me Amtrack's senior discount (better than the AAA discount) but not Hilton's, for which one has to be 65. When I thought I would be flying to the con, I booked just the weekend (Friday-Sunday) at the con hotel, but taking the train will add 2 days because it gets into SEA after 9 pm and the return trip starts at about 9 am. Awkward. Hilton has a pay-in-advance rate which is $1 less than the con rate, and when we get closer to the date and I am sure I'm taking all that time off, I'll cancel the con rate reservation and book the full Thurs-Mon at the pre-pay rate. It's a no-refund, no-changes rate. The regular rate is $15 a night more than the con rate.

Time now to get the shirts out of the dryer and hung in the closet.

Plans for tomorrow:
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