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Run Silent, Run Shallow

Made huge but slow progress at work, resurrected my original test machine, despite a broken internet widget. Ran a test which has been on the books for months, just as I was leaving at 6:30, the engineer showed the changes I made to test his fix somehow disappeared. Mystery to be solved tomorrow. He's one of my favorite ones to work with, but come to think of it we have no bad apples on that team.

 It was very simple:
1. Log onto the machine
2. Turn off the application
3. Rename the application to something_org
4. ftp a new version of the application named something.dat
5. Rename the uploaded file to something
6. Reboot the machine
7. Run the test

When the engineer looked at the logs, he saw verbiage which did not belong in his version of the application, so he looked at my test machine, and it still showed the original application in place. WTF?

Had a long chat with Automation guy. Just a chat. Sometimes he needs something to wake him up so he comes over and chats with me.

Called the former apartment customer service center to find out why there was a $500+ charge on my final bill which said "accelerated rent" when I had pre-paid the week of rent I owed for October, and moved out a week early. We walked through the numbers on the bill, and it turns out the "accelerated rent" is an accounting software bug, the amount of the check they sent is the deposit minus the cleaning charges. It looks like maybe someone is doing some embezzling at the head office. Bottom line is I got the $$ I was entitled to, almost 2 weeks before I was entitled to it. Yay!

Still no word from the sleep clinic on what all I need to do to be ready on the 30th.

So, the apartment fixit guy called me this morning, the leak in the small bathroom was not from the sink, it was from the air conditioner condensation line, which was somehow mysteriously loosened and several feet from where it should have been. There is a very loud blower drying out the space under the sink, and they replaced the TP that was soaked.

I was so engrossed in work I didn't even notice it was lunch time till 1:20. Went to the nearest burger joint and had the nearest burger.

After work I went to Costco for gas and sundries. The line for gas took half an hour, people were being slow. It is the only place in town with gas for <$4/gal. $3.99.9. Somehow I spent 90 minutes in the store wheeling the cart around. I got everything on my list except sauerkraut (they don't sell it) and a couple of things which made their way onto the list as I saw them.
The list:
- kleenex in small boxes
- TP
- napkins
- Dolmathes
- Hot dogs, and if I found ones I liked, buns
- Bananas
- Bathroom sized dixie cups
- BBQ beef ribs package
- Pot roast package
- Two packages of half a duck each
- Lox

Home, surprised they had left an 8-pack of TP. I was expecting two or maybe 4. They did not replace the Kleenex, which was also soaked, so I bagged that and hauled it to the dumpster.

Re-arranged the freezer and unloaded all the stuff. Couldn't fit the three matzoh balls so I made soup, which I put in the microwave, then went onto the computer and forgot all about for 2 hours. Re-discovered it when I opened the door to put in the spare ribs. Had both for dinner. Dessert was frozen Tollhouse cookies.

My routine on FB these days has been to hide almost all the political posts/pictures/links. Once in a while one of my buttons will be pushed and I will point out to my Obamaniac friends that our current POTUS lied his way into office, and has caused the deaths of hundreds of Americans who should have been brought home from Iraq instead of being shifted to Afghanistan with even more of our men & women. McCain would have done the same thing, I'm sure, and Romney would too if elected. We have no choices. Both are evil, neither is lesser - they are merely different evil. Your choice is between The Master and a Dalek.

Plans for tomorrow:
Something with eye candy
Maybe write a review of Allegiance
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