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Clever Subject Line Left In The Car

I had one when I was on my way here, but as soon as I parked and went into Starbucks it was gone.

Facebook has been heating up with politics, and this often triggers my OCD. I am very good at finding thing on the net, I credit my years as a headline writer for honing my skilz with keywords and re-arranging phrases for different emphases.  Someone who often posts crap without checking it out first shared an image message giving a phone number to report voting intimidation. I looked it up, it was the TDD (hearing impaired) number of the Justice Department's public relations office. A great number for partially deaf people to get details of DOJ press releases, but useless for reporting anything. 

Tangentially, several friends posted a click-through ad claiming to be giving away free SW Airlines tickets. The ad was in the wrong colors, wrong logo, wrong everything, and the URL traced back to a hacker site. It was very easy to find online 17 warnings about this scam.

And too many people are de-friending folks who say they are voting for the wrong person. The vast majority of these people are Obama supporters, which speaks volumes. One mark of a civilized person is being able to maintain friendships with people with whom they disagree. When I was a child it puzzled me to see the fairly frequent reports of political greats who would lambast each other's views, and then go off to play golf or have dinner together. But then I grew up. My parents often argued with each other over politics, but they didn't stop loving each other.


Work was pretty light today, it could have been busier but I don't have the equipment needed to run the last handful of tests left to get to the next phase of the current project. Automation Guy was supposed to send me some stuff, but he kept getting pulled away for other things.

Lunchtime I deposited the reimbursement check from the old apartment, then tried a sushi place I have never been to because it looked expensive, named Cherry. Very pretty on the inside, shapely Japanese waitresses. Very limited menu. I had a bento box with Nigiri and tempura, and it was very pretty, but the tempura was all huge starchy items plus one shrimp. Reasonable price, had everything been to my liking. Fairly quick service.

Been checking on Game 2, and it's back to a boring battle of the pitchers. This may be it for the Giants.

Got the results of my MRI. Torn meniscus, and some totally expected arthritis-related tendon irritation and ganglion cyst (I have one of those on my hand too). The plan is a steroid injection in 2 weeks. That may hurt as much as it helps. We'll see. At least now I have an excuse not to dance in the next musical.

I'm at the Starbucks nearest the new apt, also near a Lucky's, since I also need to get sauerkraut, pickles and ice cream. No, I'm not pregnant.

Plans for tomorrow:
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