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Busy Weekends go by too quickly

As planned, this morning I watched football, then drove to Woodside which has a fairly new performing arts center, to see a friend play Maria in Sound of Music. She was wonderful. Flawless. The Abbess did an excellent job with Climb Every Mountain, in a clear voice, minimal vibrato, she did not make it sound pompous as so many of them do. The children were not adorable, They were 2 actors and 5 actresses who just happen to be relatively young. It was a joy to see a version where the children were intelligent, excellent singers, and did not act at all "cutesie". The youngest did have some of the wrong-way schtick, but she knew what she was doing. The nun's choir was a surprise because they all wore wireless mikes, and the audio system is 2D, so no matter where they were, offstage or onstage, they sounded like they were everywhere, which often did not match how they looked. They sang so well I thought it was a recording at first.

The Captain was young, and almost a dead ringer for Christopher Plummer, and that put me off at first because I prefer the captain to look (as the script describes him) like a weathered, experienced warship commander. Theodore Bikel played the role on Broadway, I preferred that look. But this fellow did okay.

The tech was outstanding, several fly-in sets, very quick set changes thanks to minimal on-stage pieces. Spotlight operator was off a lot, though.

Orchestra was in the pit, and never overpowered the singers. Once in a while they were at a different tempo.

Costumes were wrong in several places. The children's opening scene sailor suits were Nazi grey with black piping/ribbons. The Nazi uniforms were brown instead of grey. The Captain wore a tux to his wedding instead of a full dress uniform. The butler wore livery and the housekeeper wore whatever was on the costume rack in her size.

The show was brilliantly directed and choreographed. A lot of work went into it by the cast. One of the Producers for Anything Goes played a major supporting role, which explains why he was not around much to annoy us.

The standing O did not start until the children took their bows, and Maria got the hoots and hollers she deserved.

The pre-show curtain speech included an announcement that the show would be over half an hour before the World Series game was due to start. That got major cheers.

Home, switched on football, taking occasional peeks at the baseball game. Another torture game, the other guys got a lead for the first time in the series, and it was tied at the end. I didn't tune in again until Facebook posts sounded like the Giants won it, then I watched all the post game coverage.

I was happy to hear in interview after interview, all the players and the coaches said this was a team effort. Everyone on the roster made a significant contribution, and even The Panda, who hit three homers in the first game, series MVP, was not taking credit for himself.

While that was going on I recorded the videotape of my 1986 Wizard of Oz. Eventually all the postage stamp videos of scenes I was in will leave my web site and appear on youtube as viewable size.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work (9 am team meeting)
Football (49ers)
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