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A weird start to the day, at the sleep clinic, still dark at 6:50 when I drove home, had to undress and shower to get the gel out of my hair and wherever else it needed soap & water. Put on a clean shirt and the same jeans I'd worn at the clinic. Took my morning meds, packed some snacks, tried to ignore Domino yowling at me, and went to work about an hour early. I had some actual work to do on an automation script, which I'd done the troubleshooting on yesterday. I had to build a routine to create a series of users with different permissions, and also one to remove them. And then the automation program threw me a curve and decided each one's log-out variable was different. It was pretty simple, but annoying, because it depended on the order they were logged out. The variable for the first one was Logout, the seconds was Logout2, and so on. So I had to build a loop which tried each one till it got a winner.

At 11 I found ABC TV's live feed of the Giants victory parade, which sucked because they don't know squat about relaying a signal. Went to lunch just before the parade got to the civic center. Sizzler, senior price for the salad bar. I watched on their TVs but they had the sound off.

Back at work I remembered that I have live streams from all the cable channels available at my desk, so I tried KRON, but that was a FAIL because one of their sponsor ads was at face level in the not quite upper not quite left of the screen. I think CBS was the one with the best signal and non-intrusive ads. I watched that in super-high def on my 16:9 monitor, and enjoyed it very much. I was impressed at Mayor Lee's baseball knowledge, and his very energetic speech (he is kind of The Great Stone Face most of the time). The crowd was HUGE. And vocal. And responsive. Many of the speeches included a crowd-participation cheer and the response was overwhelming. I loved that every one of the speeches credited the fans with a major role in the win. I also loved how no single member of the team, right up to the GM, took credit. They were all about how everyone pulled his weight. The Spanish language play by play announcer said he had been given a math lesson: in school they taught him that 5x5=25 but the 25 men on the roster taught him 5x5=1.

I suppose I wasn't as surprised as most when they trotted out Tony Bennett for the finale. It was so effing cool to see these World Series champs all jockeying for position to get him in their cell phone camera sights. 86 years old, and still singing. Wow. The final photo op, though, with the whole team in front of the trophy had me laughing out loud. My first thought was "what a bunch of misfits". My next thought was "No. What a bunch of fits."

After the ceremonies it was back to work, another automation project where it will take me a day to fix my scripts because they made a change to the GUI which IMHO was uncalled for. Grrrr.

I only saw two people in costume at work, one was worth the price of admission. Our DDG Russian engineer was wearing a velour Renaissance-ish dress with some vampire accouterments. The dress fit her like an hourglass, and showed off her endowments beautifully. Sigh. 

Home, just enough time to give Domino some treats, turn off most of the lights and drive to the Starbucks near the theater. I may see a movie later, but mostly just wanted to not be around in case there were trick-or-treaters. The new apartment has some children, not nearly as many as the last one, but unlike the last one they don't have any organized event for the kids. The neighborhood is not residential, across the street are a Zen Center and an Asian church. Fire station net door. No nearby schools.

Picked up a small package at the apt office, the last set of coin holders.

Plans for tomorrow:
??? maybe put my foreign currency into the sleeves I just bought. And maybe do the same with the coins.

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