Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

All Quiet on the Western Back

Work was pretty quiet, weekly team meeting at 10, and I was assigned to check a bug fix on the older model which I'd checked last week on the newer model. Quick lunch at CJ's, a stop at the CU to depsit the check from Chicon7 for my photo sales, then a webcast from the Sunnyvale site, one of the pioneers of Google Chrome giving a talk. Boring, defensive, every step of the way his attitude was "we know what the customer wants better than the customer does, so we're not going to office option x, or we'll force-feed you feature Y. He claims Chrome is now the most popular browser, but somehow I don't buy that.

More bug checking for the rest of the day.

Home, watched MNF, the game was very sloppy and it looked like NOLA might blow it, so I left for BASFA getting there right at 8 as the pseudo-gavel came down, the latest I've ever arrived. Kinda boring meeting. The reviews for Convolution went on forever (I helped stretch them out), and 3/4 of the crowd bailed before auctions. I wanted to take my auction stuff home and bring it back some other time when the club would make some serious $$ from them, but someone railroaded the meeting into holding a fast and cheap auction. FAIL.

Home, Domino yowling at me, getting underfoot. Am thinking of borrowing a Very Large Carnivore.

An item I had on eBay sold for the starting price. :-( It is now boxed and ready to be mailed.

Election day is tomorrow. I am going to the polls (which are at the park down the street) because:
A. The poll place volunteers deserve to be rewarded with actual voters.
B. I am dead set against early voting. I have a boatload of reasons for this, but primarily it's not over till it's over.
C. I believe absentee ballots should only be available to people who will actually be absent. This includes people who live too far from a polling place or cannot get to a polling place due to disability.  Another reason is the unreliability of the postal service, and the county auditors' temporary help. The law gives you 2 hours of work time off to vote.

My vote for President and US Senator will not count. California is so overwhelmingly Obama Country that if I vote for him it's superfluous, if I vote for anyone else it will be ignored. Ditto, the dinosaur named Feinstein.
The same is probably true of my vote for US Representative. Mike Honda is in no danger of being defeated by the GOP candidate, who promises to "bring God back to Congress".
All the CA propositions and the local measures are going to be close, I think - those are worth casting a ballot. I won't be voting for any of the city candidates because I don't think anyone will make a difference. Ditto the hospital district candidates.

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