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In Short

Much work writing test cases for a moving target feature. Should wrap up tomorrow. Maybe. Depends on when I will be allowed to drive after the steroid shot in my knee.

Lunch at Home Town Buffet, where I am suddenly a senior (they lowered it from 65 to 60).

Computer History Museum after work to hear one legendary games programmer interview another legendary games programmer. I've heard of their games, but not them. They gave shout-outs to game makers in the audience, including the guy who wrote Pong (who was seated a couple of chairs away from me), and Woz. In the opening intros by the CHM CEO, he gave a shout-out to johnnyeponymous, who I happen to know is in Toronto at the moment.

It was interesting in snippets, but I kept wanting to slap them both upside the head and pull their clip-in mikes from where they had clipped them - to the middle of their chests - to their collars. Both of them kept hitting their mikes when they gestured, and the mikes were so far away from their mouths there was  a lot of feedback as the idiot audio person upped the amplitude to make up for the low volume. I could hardly ever hear the interviewer, he had his mike clipped on upside-down, and his posture was miserable - he was bent over halfway all the time, which pressed the mike into his shirt.

There is a huge projection screen above and behind the stage, which simply showed the two guys' names the whole time. On would think they would show some clips from the interviewee's more famous games. Sonic Hedgehog, for instance.

Home, decided to start browsing my 2012 photos for candidates for the 2013 calendar. I stopped at 40, though I am sure I have a hundred more calendar-worthy shots. You can see them here and help me choose by telling me your faves. Have to narrow it down to 13 - 12 plus the cover.

Plans for tomorrow:
Steroid shot at noon
The rest of the day? Play it by knee.
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