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A Shot, Not In The Dark

Had a rude awakening at 4 am which kept me on the porcelain throne for 45 minutes. I knew I should have taken both Immodium pills yesterday. :-(

When the alarm went on at 7 I was in no way prepared to open my eyes. KOMO was telling me that the weather was wet and chilly, which was a bit disorienting because that was the same prediction on last night's news down here in CA.

I was at work before 9, I think. Or maybe a minute after, feeling okay, but wearing cutoffs because the knee injection was at noon.

Got a lot done at work with research, writing test cases and plunking them into the database. Then off to Kaiser, glad I was there 30 minutes early because I still needed the facilities. :-(

I was called at the crack of 12:03, the very attractive PA played with my knee for a bit then swabbed part of it with something more brown than iodine (Betadine?), sprayed some icy cold anesthetic, and did the needle thing. The needle itself was painless, and it looked like the syringe held about 1000ml. My knee felt like there was about 3x that much inside it. Pressure? Not so much as just feeling.

No after-effects, I was able to stand, walk, just as poorly as ever. She said it will take about 2 weeks for the full effect. While I was there, I asked how I could get copies of the MRI images, and she said I had to go to the department where it was done and fill out a privacy form. They may need me to provide a blank CD.

So I hiked to the other end of the clinic, about 1/4 mile, to the MRI department and the nice lady handed me a slip which said to go to Medical Records next door to where I'd had the shot. :-(

It was a 15-minute wait in Medical Records, there were only 2 people ahead of me, but both appeared to be on Alzheimer's drugs. The kind that cause, not cure, it.

Filled out the form, the nice lady said they would mail a CD to me, and send me a bill for $10. Fine. MRI and X-rays, both the images and the reports. Kewl.

Kaiser put me close enough to go to a Stevens Creek shopping plaza with lots of places to eat bad food, I chose Panda Express. Very disappointing bait & switch, there were no panda dishes on the menu. There was a lot of eye candy though, which helped.

Back to work, boss said I needed to get all the test cases done by the end of the day, because he was going to take the server down tomorrow to do some major upgrades. "No problem", I said, "I have nothing else on my plate except some pickles."

Got that done, and also worked a little with the integration head on finding a test tool we need for the new feature.

Started fading, told the boss I was going home for a nap and would log in from home when I woke up. Went home at 4, slept till 6, tried to log in, but the stupid VPN software said my PC was not registered. BS, I had logged in last week. Re-registered, it still wouldn't let me in, claimed I didn't have anti-virus software running. But I do, a newer version of the same thing we use in the office. Sent IT a nastygram. No immediate reply.

I did manage to listen to a webinar they recorded which I had missed earlier in the week. It could have been interesting, but instead of being an engineering thing it was marketingspeak, so I tuned it out and read my email instead.

Dinner was a peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich on whole wheat, followed by a melted cheese sandwich with yellow cheese product, string cheese and goat brie. And my world famous lime seltzer.

Plans for tomorrow:
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