Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Busy Friday

One of the things I woke up to Friday morning was a surprise email message from the Brigadoon producer inviting me to callbacks Sunday afternoon for two parts. One of them is the one I expected, the Wise Old Man who doesn't sing or dance. He doesn't show up till late in the story. The other was a major WTF. A high baritone, almost a tenor with "some dancing".

The email said we would get music and script excerpts later Friday, but we didn't.

Work was very busy, the less said about that the better. Work is not too far from Santa Clara U, so on impulse I went online and bought a ticket to see The Three Musketeers there, in which a Japanese-American woman friend was playing Cardinal Richelieu. She had given me the impression that it was an all-women show, by mentioning that the person playing Dumas was also female.

As it turned out, they were the only cross-gendered leads. There were also a couple of women playing members of the guard, but all the other usual male characters were played by men. But it was not your usual 3 Musketeers. The way they did it was Dumas is at his desk in the corner writing, and the characters come to life as he writes. They moan and groan when he crumples up a page and throws it away to start over. There are times when a character makes a suggestion, which Dumas runs with. There are times when things are going fine until he accidentally kills off all this protagonists.

There was some acting, I am sad to say there wasn't much. It was on a par with a high school production in that area. The set was superb, lighting amazing and some of the court women's costumes were gorgeous. As for the musketeers, they just grabbed some random period-ish stuff out of the costume closet.D'Artagnan's costume is a joke. 1600's country bumpkin. Sort of. Something which didn't happen in this production which should have,  is we did not see him grow from country lout into something of a gentleman, and while he kept winning duels, his swordplay remained awful. A pity, because this show came partly out of the college's combat choreography class.

Despite the flaws, it was a hoot. The cast was having a lot of fun, and the director had done multiple clever things which I enjoyed seeing.

I waited for the cast to come out after the show, so I could ding my friend about her horribly inaccurate costume and hair styling, but after 10 minutes I gave up. Richelieu had a short goatee and long mustache turned up at the ends, and his hair was dark, with grey at the sides. My friend wore a blonde page boy wig, and a long blonde goatee with a hint of a blonde mustache. The cardinal was a flashy dresser, he usually wore red or burgundy silk, with a broad white collar. My friend wore a simple red cossack with a short red cape. She's a historical costumer, she knows better. Sigh.

It was more of an adventure finding the Louis B Mayer Theater than it should have been. I drove to Franklin Plaza, since I thought the theater is on Franklin, but the Thai restaurant which I used to have lunch at was now a Japanese place, which I found out after making 3 passes to find a place to park. I walked around the block, didn't find a place to eat, or the theater. Google maps showed me I was at the wrong plaza. I wanted the one with the Togo's, which has plenty of parking. It was freezing, and I was in sight of Togo's when I decided to get my car, park there, and eat there.

The theater was right across the street, but you can't see it from the street, it is behind one of the classroom buildings. I think I had been there once before, but it had been a long time.

Home, picked up the mail, and there was a notice from the IRS claiming I owed them muchos dineros for selling some securities in 2010 which they claimed I had not declared. They were tax-free mutual bond funds, they were not supposed to be subject to tax. I'll have to call them Monday and find out whose mistake that is. I thought the whole idea behind buying tax free bonds was to not pay taxes on the profits.

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