Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Well, that was interesting

Up way late (I have the lights set to all turn off at 1:30 am, and I was at the PC when that happened. I think I was in bed by 2:30) so I slept way in, 9:30 I was still asleep when the alarm went off. Watched some football on the bedroom TV, got up & drugged & dressed & played on the PC.

Lunch was franks & beans, a traditional football watching meal. Bought a pile of beef franks on my last Costco trip,  and after years of turkey franks these are too salty and harsh. I'll stick to using them in pasta and omelets.

Domino was way more attentive to my lunch than she needed to be, at one point jumping up on the arm of the recliner to get a better look.

Stripped the bed and threw the bedding into the washer. Looked for a T-shirt to wear, which is when I stumbled upon all the Thai shirts I thought were lost in the mail. Before making the bed with another set of sheets, I pulled off the mattress pad, and yes, that's what was turning the comfortable mattress into something too firm. Also started a load in the dishwasher.

I popped my Brigadoon OBC CD into the PC and tried to learn to music I was sent for callbacks, but the tune is all over the place - it's a jig - and it starts way higher and I think in a different key than what comes before. Glad I was not interested in this part. I also went over the bit from the script they sent, for a different character. It's a lovely quirky part, but he doesn't sing. At. All. I don't enjoy playing a non-singing part in a musical. I think for this one I'd rather be in the ensemble.

So, 2 pm rolled around, time to start making my way to the car. I got to the rehearsal hall 5 minutes before my 2:25 scheduled call, but they were running late, and it was a good half hour before my turn. The posted schedule on the green room wall said I would read first, then there was another group reading another scene, and then I sing.

There were three of us going for the non-singing part, and I think I was 2nd best. They had us read against the two male leads (there were 3 sets of those also), and then the director told us he wanted the character to be more energetic & a bit quirky, so try it again y'all. I may have done best in the round, but #1 was good too, he just chose a different quirky.

After that I sat through 5x2 readings of the strangest scene in the play - the young stranger would rather sleep than be seduced by the town slut. Three of the women who were trying for that part would not get a "no" from me.

So, enter the accompanist, and it seems I am the only one called back for Sandy the candy man. I am totally lost trying to pull the first note out of thin air, and almost as lost following the tune. So the music director comes over to me and sings it with me a few times, gives some clues, and has me sing it  a couple of times by myself. I get the impression he really wants my voice in his chorus (which is what Sandy does after the first Big Number). We go way back, he was director of Pirates of Penzance when this group was strictly G&S, back in 2004. But as I said ensemble would suit me fine.

It was fun, especially since I didn't care if I got a major part.

Plugged Starbucks into the GPS and was reminded there was one less than a mile away I'd been meaning to try. It's in a shopping plaza which is half Costco and half Staples-plus-small stuff. It was not easy to get to, there is no street entrance on that side, you have to come from the other side and drive through Staples' parking lot. I stopped off at Staples first, and got a box of calendar mailer envelopes. Then saw that Starbucks was closed Sundays. :-(

So, went to the one which is on the way home, and sat on an uncomfortable stool of a couple of hours because that's how long it took on their overloaded wi-fi to install the company version of anti-virus and its 9 updates.

Next stop, Safeway, which had a special on chicken stock, which reminded me I have two pounds of gizzards in the freezer, taking up needed space, waiting to made into soup. Also got the bullion cubes for work and the Klondike bars which were on my list, and some Stoufer's lasagna for dinner. And some other frozen meals.

On my way home, saw the produce place where I usually buy pickling cukes, and realized I had no veggies for the soup. So I got parsnip, carrots, celery, onion and garlic.

Home, turned on the football game, hauled out the crock pot, pre-heated the oven for the lasagna, put grocs away. Pulled out the Cuisinart and sliced up the veggies, then pulled up a stool and peeled 2 heads of garlic while the gizzards defrosted in the microwave.

Finally got to the recliner in time for the miserably rainy 4th quarter.

Had half the "feeds 6" lasagna, again with Domino's eyeballs on it. After I was done I gave her the plate to lick, but she wasn't interested.

Stirred the crock pot to get the meat distributed and the slices unstuck from each other.

Also, mounted my NOLA art on the livingroom walls.

And here I am now. Whew.

Plans for tomorrow:
9 am team meeting
get my nails done
Unload the dryer & dishwasher
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