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Not much work to do, the biggest block of time was writing my weekly report. The build I need to complete my tests is not out yet, no ETA.

Lunchtime I took 6 photos to Aaron's to be mounted. That took way too long because there was only one Expert and the person ahead of me was a phone order which required the Expert to be psychic.

Went outside and saw the horrible Baja Fresh had been replaced with a lovely SF Boudin which has the best sourdough bowl clam chowder. As I walked over there, something told me it was not open yet. I think the cement truck was the first clue. Or maybe it was the guys in painters' coveralls. Anyway, boo hiss, but I'll be back.

Took a look in Pete's next door, but (a) they are already Xmased and (b) the selection of pastries was lame. They share a building with something called Habit Burgers, so I tried them, ordered the beef tri-tip sandwich and was asked 13 questions pertaining to toppings and bread choice. ABout 7 minutes before the pager flashed and vibrated, and what I got was a soggy bun with huge chunks of meat and some very nicely grilled onions and some tomato, looking like it was about to fall apart. Which it did when I started eating. The good news is it was delicious, the bad news is the meat was not cut for a sandwich and the wheat bun was thin and tasteless. Needed to ask for a fork & knife.

After work I went straight home, sat in the recliner with my feet up, Domino perched on various parts of my lap, the arms of the chair and the table. Got online and read the responses to the Brigadoon cast list an announcement. They offered me the part of the candyman way back on Monday, but said to keep it secret till the full cast was made public. That's the part I had trouble with the music, and said required dancing, but when he made the offer, the producer emailed that they would give the dance to someone else. It's a good role, I'm really just a member of the ensemble with a short solo in the opening Big Number. So I get to sing.

Looking at the list, I only know two people in the cast. In a way I am responsible for both of them - one I gave his first leading role when I directed a G&S show at Stanford, the other knew I was familiar with Gaslighter Theater and asked if I thought he had a chance if he auditioned, and I told him to go for it.  Both of those were a long time ago.

I looked up the leading lady on FB, and I think she's the one who was super-nervous and wanted the part even more than she wanted a pony. It does not look like the sexy cougar I was rooting for was cast in that role. Hard to tell, she's one of those people whose FB pictures all show her in a crowd. The guy who got the other part I was called back for doesn't have an FB account, but I found him on Flickr, and it's the guy who read the best. But he's also an operatic singer, so this may be tough for him (it's a totally non-singing role).

This is going to be a fun show, rehearsals start in mid-January and performances are the first two weekends in April. 

Time for some Tivo. I watched the last few minutes of regulation and most of the OT of last week's 9er's game. Disgusting performance in the end by both teams. Horrible mistakes by the refs, as well.

Also watched Shark Tank, where one person cried her way to an investment after all the sharks opted out of a very rea$onable request on a good product which just needed more inventory, and another person talked his way out of 10x his request on one of the best products I have seen there. He wasn't prepared for the greed.

Plans for tomorrow:
p/u something at the PO, I think it's the GPS unit for the camera which I sent in for an upgrade.
Maybe see a movie - AMC sent me a free soft drink coupon for my birthday. And Starbucks put a free drink on my account too. Got my first full month's utilities bill, and it is obscene. The city garbage fee is 4x what it has been everywhere else, and they don't collect nearly as often as they need to.
Maybe see the show at the Dragon.


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