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[expletive deleted] it's late!

It's been one of those non timey-wimey days. Woke up not as late as I wanted to, looked up the movie times on Flixster and decided to catch the 1:30 showing of Lincoln.

Watched enough of the UW-Colorado game to know the Huskies were going to have a rare lopsided win. I don't know how they got to be #25 in the BCS standings, but that ought to go up next week.

After the movie, it was a toss-up between going back in and seeing Skyfall and doing Something Else. I figured one movie was enough, so I hiked back to the car, got my laptop and hiked to Starbucks. The line was insane. It wasn't long, in fact, there was only one person ahead of me to order, but there were 7 people blocking my way because they didn't have enough sense to get out of the ordering line and wait for their order to come up elsewhere. There is plenty of room in that place. What may have messed them up, besides insanity and lack of consideration, is the Starbucks bozoids erected a Christmas display in what is usually the space between the door and the cashier station.

A week before Thanksgiving! Unforgivable. The only reason I didn't walk out is I had to use my free birthday drink credit by the end of the month. I will not be going into a Starbucks again until after New Years. Until this year, they didn break out the Jesus stuff until December.

The place was packed for the full two hours I was there, but it was mostly take-out, so I had no problem finding a place to park and use the laptop. The main project was getting the monthly MSFT updates installed, there were about 20 of them this time.

Next on the agenda was a trip to 7-11 for cash from my CU account. I pointed the GPS to what it claimed was the 2nd nearest 7-11, but it took me quite a bit farther away than it needed to, and missed the final U-turn on a divided road. It decided the store was on my right when it was on my left. On my way home I passed a much more convenient one. Will have to remember it - it's in the new neighborhood, on the fringes.

Home to watch the OU-Stanford game, which was very sloppy on the offensive side of both teams, lots of dropped passes, lots of stupid up-the-middle runs for a loss. It went into OT, Stanford won because OU's kicker was having a bad day. It must be hard for him to kick the ball accurately when it isn't raining.

Had some of my chicken soup for dinner, and a turkey pot pie.

Attacked my to-do list with a vengeance, pulled the vacuum out of the storage room and did the livingroom. I'm going to also need to pull out the steamer. Sat down with the 200 slides Costco scanned for me, and loaded them into sleeve pages. And discovered that the binder labeled "Thai 1" was really Thai 2, with a handful from Thai 4, and some from Israel 1977. And a couple from Thailand 1989. Thai 1-4 is 1975-77.

I need to go to Costco and get 10 slide boxes (they hold 50 each) and put together all the slides from Thai 3, which is really Thai 1, and have those scanned. Maybe tomorrow after Skyfall.

Lincoln review tomorrow. Nutshell: I didn't vomit. Halfshell: it should have been called "Amendment 13".

Plans for tomrrow:
Sleep late
Load up 500 slides into little boxes
Steam clean some of the livingroom carpet
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