Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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The Sky Fell

Saw Skyfall this morning. Not even worth reviewing. That's 2.5 hours of my life I'll never get back. They have turned Bond from a suave sophisticated subtle lady killer into an over the hill thug. Sir Sean Connery must be rolling in his grave. Yes, I know he's still alive.

Wanted to go to Starbucks and play on the laptop while keeping an eye on the nubile customer base, but remembered the Jesus trees, and just went home.

Tackled one of the more tedious tasks on my to-do list: put the 200 slides which Costco scanned a few months ago back into the albums, and put 500 more into Costco's charming little fold-em-yourself boxes, 50 per box. And that's where the excrement made contact with the atmospheric motion inducer.

The original 200 slides were picked because I wanted to see if Costco could do a decent job with 37-year-old color slides, and because I especially wanted digital copies of my Peace Corps training days and the wedding of my PC group member and nearest neighbor my last year in-country. So I non-randomly grabbed the wedding pictures, which are almost at the end of the time period and randomly picked the rest from the beginning of the album I had labeled "Thai Slides 1". There's also a 2, 3 and 4. The latter shares pix from my post-PC Malaysia/Singapore trip.

When the DVD arrived, not only were there photos from Thailand 1975-77, there were also a handful of pix from my trip to Israel in 77, and two or five from my second Thailand trip in 1989.

You see, I had been sloppy about keeping things in order. When the NorCal PC alumni group started up in the 80s, I gave a lot of slide shows, choosing my best photos. I had about 8 carousels full of them. Somewhere along the way I transferred all but one carousel into binders, pretty much in the order they were in in the slide shows.

Most of the slides were numbered by which roll they came from, and/or had a date stamped on the slide from the processing plant.

On further inspection today, I remembered that there were two sets. One set were from film which I'd had processed in Thailand, but I also had sent rolls of film home for the parental units to develop, so they would be able to follow my adventures. And Thai processing was inferior, the temperatures of the chemicals were too high, and they used el cheapo iron-on paper frames while in the US they were machine-pressed plastic frames.

Long story short, the 500 slides I packed up today were developed in the US, mostly, with only a dozen or so developed in Thailand. There are between 1000 and 1500 more to be done. A lot of today's work was getting them in order, one set by the date stamps and the other set by my alphabetical numbering on the frames, which I had done decades ago.

Took a break at 300 (I only had 6 boxes) and went to Costco for gas ($3.55/gal as opposed to $3.79 at 76, >$4 at Chevron), and then got a pile more slide boxes. Went to Safeway in search of two items:
1. A small pair of cosmetic scissors for trimming eyebrows, nose, ears.
2. Sponge strips on a stick for cleaning glassware. My dishwasher is not hacking it.

Did not find either of those. Walked to Rite Aid and got the scissors, but not the sponge thingie. Time to go home.

Watched the Raiders stumble around on the football field. Found a CFL game to switch to during the breaks. Toronto vs Montreal. Joke to myself: waiting for the ref to call "icing".

Dinner was the last 1/4 duck l'orange and some baked beans, after an appetizer of celery stalks dipped in French Onion dip.

Wrapped up the slide project while watching the Ravens and the Steelers take turns trying to hand the win over to the other team. Pittsburgh finally succeeded in the stupidest final play they could think of, a poor imitation of the famous Stanford-Cal multilateral, except they didn't have a marching band involved. The Steelers were in the most horribly ugly uniforms, apparently a tribute to early 20th Century Pirates baseball. They looked like escapees from the Halloween prison, or maybe killer bees, except the solid khaki pants destroyed that illusion.

Game over, visited the strip club. My official reason is I was running low on ones for the pop machine at work. Real reason is they have some stunning pole dancers there, and two hours of entertainment comes in at about $40.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. Team meeting at 10
MNF is the 49ers, so no BASFA

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