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Finished a couple of projects at work, started another.

Called T. Rowe Price, which juggled me between two experts, one of whom finally pointed me to a 1099-B form which was online about a month after the April 15 deadline, which accounts for it not making it into my 1040. This gave me the numbers I needed to give the IRS. The stooopid thing is the IRS gets this information too, yet they ignore the cost basis and net gain/loss which is clearly on the form, and pretend the items in question magically appeared for free in my brokerage account. 

Lunchtime I tried Denny's Hobbit menu again, this time a make-it-yourself slam with pumpkin pancakes (way more yummy than expected, especially the pumpkin-flavored whipped butter), shire sausage (49¢ extra), sourdough toast and bacon. Almost tried the pot roast skillet but it has broccoli. And the turkey and stuffing dish is white meat, so no thanks.

The halal grocery in the next lot over is empty. I went inside once, never again. None of the Arab markets in my area are very hygienic. Or the Mexican ones. It must be cultural.

On the way home I stopped off at the CU to deposit a check from Comcast for the over-payment of my last bill at the previous place. They sent it to the previous place, even though they have my current address.

Next stop, Costco, where I dropped of 10 boxes of 50 slides for scanning to DVD. Costco only does the financial part, they send the job out somewhere else. I'll probably not see the results for a month. I'm not in a rush. Most of these are from film I sent home for the folks to have processed, and they cover the whole 1975-77 Peace Corps time frame. There are about 1500 more which I had processed in Thailand, the first 200 (test lot) were mostly those, from the very beginning of my tour. Training.

Did some shopping, picked up a box of chocolates for my T-day dinner host, walnuts, a big jar of powdered chicken bullion and a 2-pack of Nutella, a delicacy which I have never tasted because many of its fans also like those awful concoctions Marmite and Vegemite. I figured it was time to give it a go.

Home, watched the second half of the 49er-Bears game. Finally the coach sent in the much better than #1 backup QB, who would have done a lot better if coach had not insisted on calling so many running plays in the red zone. Defense was a beast with many heads. I have never seen an offensive line as thoroughly man-handled as Chicago's was tonight. Very enjoyable game.

Had my traditional turkey franks & baked beans dinner. Dessert was a sliced banana in whipped cream and coconut liqueur, topped by walnuts and an Oreo Klondike bar.

And then it was time to take the BS by the horns and do the response to the tax notice. Bottom line is I may owe $200 or so of the $5,000 or so they claimed. Assholes.

It took an hour and a half to decode the notice, which also tried to charge me 100% tax on $2k of my inheritance. Again, that's information which they already have on file, but ignored. For those of you who tuned in late, in 2010 there was a $2 million inheritance tax exemption.

So I printed up a check for a token amount, put a couple of Pixar forever stamps (A Bug's Life and Wall-E) on the envelope, sealed it and will slide it into the mailbox at work tomorrow.

Pre-ordered George Takei's soon to be latest book. Ordered a "dish wand". Ordered a 64-piece set of booze-filled dark chocolate "bottles" to be sent to my poor ailing sister in Baltimore.

I am thinking I need a midnight helping of home made chicken soup.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe find a place with free wi-fi which isn't all Jesus treed yet.
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