Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Mid-day update

Lull in the work day, been leisurely checking low-priority bug fixes. Needle in haystack thing - I don't have a lot of the equipment needed for many of them, and even more are so old the case can't be closed without downgrading my test machine two or three versions. That makes a mess.

Lunchtime I went to Costco, the parking vultures were unusually obnoxious for no good reason. Glad I went when I did, tonight it will be suicidal. Anyhow, the photo manager was incredulous when I told her there were only 25 calendars in the box I took home, but she found the other box under a pile of other deliveries, and opened it up to count the calendars to make sure there were 25. The sheet inside the box said 50. The one inside the box at home said 25. Neither said "1 of 2" or "2 of 2". FAIL. But I got my chronologically correct works of art, and will stuff envelopes tonight after dinner.

Dinner is at Chili's with Janice, who said I must taste their chicken fried steak. How very Thanksgiving-ish. T-day lunch at a long-time QA buddy's place, or maybe his brother's place tomorrow.

Looking at the weather predictions, I'm skipping the Loi Krathong doings at the local Thai temple Sunday and instead doing an Amtrak workaround trip to Reno, which will include an overnight stop in Sacramento. The plan is to take a Capitol Corridor train from San Jose to Sacramento on Friday, play around in Old Town and stay overnight at the Vagabond, then hop on the California Zaphyr, a beautiful ride through the mountains to Reno. Silver Legacy overnight, take one of the Amtrak buses back to Sacto and then train to San Jose. The Zephyr leaves Reno at a little before 9 am when it is on time, and it's a 7-hour ride. The bus is 4 hours and leaves at 11:30 or so. Not as comfortable as the train in some ways (no snack bar) but that Zephyr gets a little ripe by the time it hits Nevada.

That's he latest. More tonight or tomorrow or both

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