Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Home, in brief

Not much to say. Had the buffet brunch at the Silver Legacy, was only able to finish most of one plateful. Should have started with desserts.

Walked to Amtrak, waited for an hour, then joined the line across the street where the bus stops. Two buses pull up, a rent-a-bus and an official Amtrak bus. They cram us all into the rent-a-bus saying it is an express to Sac. I try to talk the big guy out of sitting next to me, but shitforbrains decides to suffer. Idiot. I didn't make it easy for him, I was already pissed that the bus overhead was too small for my knapsack, and there was noplace to put my water bottle.

It was an express, which defeated the purpose of the scenic ride, but it got us to SAC just in time to run for the earlier Capitol Corridor train. I made it, bu had to sit in a seat that faced backwards. I don't get these cars where they can't be bothered to flip the seats when they change direction.

Got to SJ around 5:30, I think. On time, probably.

My car was still in the lot, the ticket was made out yesterday, for $35. I sent them a check and a note asking for my $8 back.

Amtrak needs more parking space. I'll email them suggesting they work a deal with the city's lot.

Home, Domino didn't yell at me until after I gave her her usual nightly treats. Stupid animal.

Watched some football. Had stuffing & gravy for dinner, & celery stalks. Egg nog for dessert.

Checked my calendars to be mailed, corrected one old address to new, and added someone who had fallen off the list when she moved.

Plans for tomorrow:
Team meeting at 9
Hand out calendars
PO, mail calendars
BASFA, maybe. I won't auction calendars. I may give a couple to people who have bid on them in the past.
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