Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Short because my head hurts

Too much fun at work today. 1-hour team meeting ran 2 hours, but everyone got one of my calendars, including the lab manager and boss' boss.

Decided not to mail the calendars, instead went home at lunchtime to pick up a package and have lunch. The decider: those multi-part customs forms can be done online, prefilled with my address.

After work I drove to Mountain View Chili's because Janice phoned from Montana that she had left the envelope with my calendar and key there. I could have sworn it was in her hand when we got to her car. They couldn't find it, nobody remembered seeing it.

I've been having ear pain all day, a result of making that bus descent from 5200 feet to sea level yesterday with too much wax in my left ear. Hurts when I blow my nose, hiccups or do anything else which put air pressure in there. Went online to make an appointment but Kaiser doesn't have an urgent care thing online. I may need to call tomorrow.

Package was a T-shit from my sister for my birthday.

Short-sleeve version. In sky blue

After Chili's, back home, watched a few minutes of football, then to BASFA. Very quiet meeting, low attendance. Lots of people recovering from LosCon and T-day.

Home, cranked out the customs forms for the calendars going to foreign places. Canada, Germany, UK, Israel.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep study with CPAP

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