Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Humpty Doody

Very nothing day at work.

Yesterday we had a 90-minute training session which went > 2 hours because the demo guy's machine did not have a standard VGA output for our ancient projector, and the company firewall kept him from remote connecting from one of our machines. We've run into this before, we really need to upgrade the projectors.

And two of the team members wouldn't shut up and listen, they kept asking questions about stuff the presenter had not gotten to yet. And other people in the room were having their own arguments. It was not pretty.

Today's adventure was writing some test cases at the request of the head of the hardware engineering group for a feature I'm responsible for, which we don't have the equipment to do. And which I don't think any customer would come close to needing in real life. Boss is trying to get the nice man to see the light.

Lunchtime Automation Guy and I went for Thai lunch, but the place was closed due to a family emergency, so we walked over to the sushi place. I had something called Brian's Roll which was excellent - it was 7 different types of sushi wrapped around a pair of tempura shrimp.

After work I picked up my 3-month stash of insulin at Kaiser.

Will catch up on Tivo tonight.

Received the SF Giants pleather jacket I'd been waiting for, and it is gorgeous, but too big. Sending it back for a 2X.

Plans for tomorrow:

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