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Mister Eclectic

I was going to work from home

but I was up at 7, only managed to procrastinate for 20 minutes, was up and dressed and at the PC when the phone rang at 8:55. It was the sleep doctor, she already had yesterday morning's results. Last time it took a week. Bottom line, the CPAP did okay once I was asleep and they ramped up the pressure. She said I maintained a blood oxygen reading of 92% after the pressure was at optimum, 86% during the startup phase. Compared with < 70% without it, and 82% with the Provent.

So she's ordered an auto CPAP for me, which she'll program to mimic the settings which worked in the sleep study. I should be getting a call for a fitting Real Soon Now.

I am not looking forward to using this thing, but it's obvious that my first experience was totally off the wall effed up by the head of the pulmonary department, whom I think was getting a kickback from th CPAP manufacturer or sales rep. It was a massive effort to push high end machines on 50 people at a time.

So I'll see if it really works long-term. What they say it ought to fix are:
waking up in the middle of the night to pee
feeling tired when i wake up in the morning
dozing off in the afternoon

They are mostly worried  I'll fall asleep while driving. I don't see that happening.
Went to work after swinging by the apartment office and picking up a package. I bought a Maui Starbucks mug on eBay. Did not get one while I was there because I had no room in my carry-on.

We started our final run on the current product testing, and I found that one feature assigned to me I don't have the equipment to test, and two others I had done such a good job of automating that there wasn't much for me to do.

Lunchtime I dropped off a return at the PO, the SF Giants jacket, which was too big. 3X is larger than it used to be. Sent it back for a 2x. Lunch at a nearby Togo's. Some eye candy then some jailbait at 1:30 when high school let out. WTF is high school doing closing so early?

Back to work, found a test to run which should have taken an hour, but it took till the end of the day because the bug I found was one of those "huh? did it really do that?". It really did that 4 times. Took screen captures & filed a bug.

Checked Yahoo weather and yes, it was raining. Looked up and every monitor in the lab was showing slide which said "rain delay".

Raining pretty hard, and it's very dark, so no field trip to Lion supermarket, straight home instead. In the livingroom on the laptop so I can watch the Atlanta - New Orleans game. It would be dead even if NOLA's receivers caught the ball. And the Saints might be winning if Brees could put the ball where the receivers were, and above the defensive players' hands.

One of my FB friends pointed to a page by The Bloggess, calling for making James Garfield a saint. Not being familiar with any of President Garfield's qualities which would even remotely recommend him for such an honor, I clicked on the link. Which in turn insisted I read this first. My monitor almost shook right off the desk I was laughing so hard. I went to Amazon and ordered her book. Hardcover, because paperback isn't due out till March and the audio book is $30.

Someone else on FB copied a link to another FB page which suggests that 49ers alleged QB Alex smith is totally out-classed by his backup. My theory is that the offensive line just doesn't respect Alex, so they are not making a 110% effort to protect him from getting sacked. I wanted to post a clip from Heaven Can Wait (the 1978 movie with Warren Beatty) which illustrates my point, but that particular clip does not seem to be online, not even in the trailer. So I ordered a copy of the VHS so I can make my own. Found one on Amazon new for $10. Someone else wanted $94. The DVD was averaging $50. It's, IMHO, a very good movie, much underrated. I also enjoyed the heck out of the inanely named 1941 Here Comes Mr. Jordan of which it was an updated remake. Saw it many times on the family B&W TV. The latter won two writing Oscars and was nominated for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best B&W Cinematography, Best Director and Best Picture. Heaven Can Wait won a best set decoration statue, and was nominated in every major category. Beatty co-wrote, co-directed and starred in it.

Plans for tomorrow:

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