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Not so fried

One of the things I dislike about the new apartment is it is a 2-block walk to the other side of the complex to get the mail, and it usually isn't worth the trip. Especially today, in the rain, with nothing but a Christmas ad.

Worked from home this morning because I woke up at the crack of OMG with a splitting headache, which I think actually stared when I discovered at about 2:30 am that after I told the new Squeezebox radio in the kitchen to synchronize with the not as new one in the bedroom, when I turned on the one in the bedroom at low volume to the easy-to-sleep-to Thai easy listening station, the one in the kitchen would tune to the same station, at its last known volume which was LOUDER. And using the remote to turn it off also turned off the one in the bedroom, so I had to walk out to the kitchen and turn off the power switch. And back in the bedroom, un-synced them.

Tried to get back to sleep after taking 2 Anacin, but Domino thought it was snack time, and my subconscious thought it was time to remember last night's lap dance at the strip club. Her stage name is
totally wrong for a petite blonde with next to zero knowledge of Egyptian deities.

I finally dragged myself out of bed and did the morning rituals, including treats for the feline, went to the PC and sent email to the team that I would be working from home. And went back to bed.

I did eventually remote into my work PC and get a lot of cut and paste work done and at noon-ish had lunch and then went to the office and finished the job. And then ran some tests which I could also have done from home, but are easier without the extra layer of network lag. A new engineer came by for some clues on how to use an encryption feature I've become an expert with, which I did have to be in the office to do. 

Ordered an electric fondue pot on amazon, using some of my Discover card cash back bonus.

Just as I was getting ready to leave for the weekend, my calendar popped up a reminder that I needed to write my weekly report, which would be longer than usual because it had to cover the last 2 weeks.

Wanted to go straight home and watch the Stanford game, but needed some stuff at Safeway. I can't believe they don't carry windshield washer fluid anymore. And I forgot the whipped cream. But I did find little flasks of Kirschwasser and some nice goat brie.

Am pissed at George Takei. I pre-ordered his new book, which means a downloaded pdf, but they password protected it in the stupidest way - every time you open the file you need to enter the password. It is gobbledygook mixed case and digits and not easy to type into the Kindle. And no way to store it on the Kindle to cut and paste. So that's one book I will not be reading.

Watched the last quarter of the Stanford game, which was very exciting, apparently much more so than the previous 3 quarters, and they won, which sends them to the Rose Bowl. Good thing, because it's kind of redundant to send UCLA there.

Plans for tomorrow:
Surgical strike Shopping: A different Safeway for whipped cream and French onion soup mix, Trader Joe's for fondue, maybe Bevmo for a real bottle of Kirschwasser, and maybe Milk Pail for sheep brie. It's a long drive, but there's a TJ and Bevmo in that shopping center. And Safeway is across the street. And an auto parts store across the other street.

Sci-fi readers/writers meetup in the evening, if they announce a location.
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