Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not much to say

It was raining torrents all night, and continued well past. I had a photo shoot scheduled for 10 am across the Bay in Union City, which would have needed half an hour to get there safely.  At a little after 9 the organizer texted that there was no response from the model, so he canceled the shoot.

Which meant I got to watch the 49ers game. It was a boring defensive battle and did not end well, thanks in large part to officials making bad calls, not knowing the rules and not making critical calls. Most of those bit the 49ers, not the Rams.

It also did not help that Harbaugh was calling Alex plays instead of Colin plays.

Decided I needed a massage, so I drove out the my new favorite place, but they were busy, told me they would call me in about half an hour. I went to a Lion supermarket a couple of miles away just long enough to confirm they do not stock a certain brand of tomato sauce, and drove back to the massage place's parking lot. After no call in 45 minutes, I went inside, and they were just then ready for me. "good enough" rating on the massage.

Back to Lion to do some real shopping, but did not buy much because they just don't carry the sane stuff as 99 Ranch, and their prices are high. They did happen to have a huge bin of cucumber pickles, actually a little fatter than I prefer, and I bought 28 of them. 4 per jar, 7 jars.

Home, turned on the dallas-eagles game and got stuff together to make pickles. I had thrown out my big jar of grape leaves before the move because they spoiled, and had not replaced them, so this batch did without. I also decided not to add any more crisper chemical than was already in the mix packet. Very fat cukes, only 2 fit in most jars, had to cut some in halves and quarters to fill the jars. Even after that, I am left with 8 spare cukes. I think I'll bring them in to work. Stuff like that gets snatched up quickly.

When I pulled the jars out of the cooker, one of them had separated at the base, which has happened to me before. Pisses me off, those jars are supposed to last forever.

Looks like it happened toward the beginning, because the cukes in that jar are just barely cooked, and the garlic was raw too.

This mix only needs 24 hours to set up, but longer is better.

Dinner was sourdough asiago with melted sheep brie. Yummy. Celery & onion dip for appetizer.

Plans for tomorrow:

BASFA if it doesn't require a Coast Guard certification to get there

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