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It is that time again

Work was the usual. Boss came over noon-ish to compliment me on the latest set of Thailand 1975-77 scans I uploaded to Flickr. His wife is Thai, they have a house there and his most telling comment is nothing has changed in 37 years. It's pretty much the same old backward place.

Lunch at the Korean buffet called China China.

Home, the Cuisinart electric fondue pot arrived. There was also a USPS note that there is a parcel for me at the PO. In the mailbox was also a "no such address" for a calendar I'd mailed to someone whose address has not changed since 2008. Double checked the label and my spreadsheet, and there was a typo putting the address on 1st instead of 21st. I redid it and will try again.

Watched some of MNF, it had its moments, but not enough of them to stay home nd miss BASFA.

The meeting was fun, got in some good puns, but I was disappointed that I was not auctioned off. Someone else was who is not as regular an attendee.

Palo Alto Players sent an audition notice for Miss Saigon. There is no part for me in it, and it overlaps too much with Brigadoon, but I might be able to work backstage. That's a show I really want to be involved with some time.

Doing my birthday list this morning, I was reminded of one of the most touching songs I know. Not too many people on this side of the pond remember folksinger/songwriter Ralph McTell, and neither did I until I saw this on Youtube:

Made me cry. As much for what the audience participation said to me as for what the song does.
More versions:

Enough ose.

Plans for tomorrow:
PO, pick up parcel
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