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Just spent too much time on the humane society pages looking at cats up for adoption. Domino needs a companion. They have a program called Seniors for Seniors, adopt a cat 5+ years old and I get half off the fee. And that's what I'm looking for, a male cat up to 12 years old, > 9 lbs, prefer orange but will settle for any interesting color, especially eyes. I'm not glued to the cat being male it's just been my experience that males tend to be more affectionate. There is a 5-year-old, 10 lb female Himalayan/Siamese mix with blue eyes who might sway me from my stated goals. And a B&W older male named Roulette, because, you know, Domino.

Work today was busy in bursts. 'nuff said.

Lunch with Automation guy at his favorite Pho place. It was okay, I'm not a big fan of watery soup.

Before work went to the PO, got there at 8:15, it doesn't open till 8. Sucks, because they tore down the big PO which was open at 8 am and was full service half a day Saturday, and this minuscule station is taking its former load plus the big one's, with no increase in anything. Picked up a package which could easily have been sent without needing to sign for it - The Bloggess' book.

Home after work, scanned in some sheet music for a friend and emailed it to her. It reminded me I forgot to send her & her dad (a photog) a calendar, so printed up a label and will take that to be mailed tomorrow or the next day.

Signed up for a photo shoot Sunday at noon.

In the mailbox was the VHS tape of "Heaven Can Wait, still sealed and unopened. I hunted for about half an hour and finally found the clip I was looking for, trimmed it and posted an MP4 on FB. The person it was meant for was the first to click "like". Mission accomplished. I think it wraps up in a couple of minutes why Alex Smith hasn't been the success in the 49ers that he was in college.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get my nails done
Fill the car's gas tank. Have you noticed that as soon as the election ended the price of gas went down 40 cents a gallon? It should have gone down $2.40, but Obama is president, and he doesn't have any friends in the oil business.
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