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Time Shifting

My plans for today got re-chonologicalized. Several things at work conspired to leave me with all my machines being used by others, and my 1-on-1 being postponed till Friday, so right around 12:30 I told my boss I was going to run some errands and have lunch and be out of the office for a while.

I had been planning on getting my nails done at 2, after visiting a Humane Society branch in a Petco store SW of work. But since I had time, I went to the main branch NE of work. While in transit the "I need gas" light went on in the car, which of course is when the GPS took me on a route 3x longer than most direct one. Found the place, it is brand new and amazing, and a nice volunteer took me around to all the rooms with adult cats, and I met maybe a dozen. I didn't really click with any of them. The closest was one named Roulette, who looks kind of like a larger version of Domino, which had that games theme going.

By then it was 2, so I headed for the nail place, but they were booked so I made an appointment for 6:30 and went from there to the Petco branch closest to my apartment,  where there was only one cat worth meeting (two others were halves of pairs they did not want split up and one was FLV+ so needed to be a single cat or got to a home with another infected cat). His name is Milo, and he is a little bit older and fatter than ideal, but he jumped right into my arms and shoved his face into my beard as soon as I went to pick him up. They had him tagged as having a tendency to be too feisty, but when I played with him he kept his claws in, and he does this thing where he opens wide and gets your finger across his mouth, but he doesn't bite. His name is Milo (this may have to change) .

This is a misleading photo. In real life he is shaped like Jabba The Hutt. And his eyes are much brighter blue.

Got the medical info on him, then went back to the office, had a pickle and a bag of pistachios and a snickers bar for lunch, and actually got some work done.

Outside the front door after work I was buttonholed by the IT guy who was chatting with my boss, and I explained to him that what he thought I wanted done with one of the third party pieces of equipment was very different from what his assistant told him I wanted. Both things can be accomplished in 5 minutes, but I've been waiting for months.

Off to the nails appointment, she was a little late finishing up the woman ahead of me, but I was out of there a little after 7.

Home, stopped off at the produce place where I could not resist fine looking bananas at 50¢/lb but was there to get grape leaves, and while I was in that aisle stuffed grape leaves too.

Domino continues to yowl at me and follow me around until I give her treats. Sigh.

Watch an episode of Shark Tank and one of The Mentalist. Appetizer of celery stalks dipped in French Onion dip. Dinner was leftover pot roast and sweet corn. Cookie dough ice cream for dessert, whipped cream for me and the cat.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. There are two automation scripts to write
Go to the Plan A Petco shelter and look at a Himalayan and an older short haired grey & white. And any other older cats they suggest.

Busy weekend coming up. The plan is to adopt a cat Saturday morning, go to Redwood City in the late afternoon for Dragon Theater's open house in their soon to be new digs. Sunday noon photo shoot and afternoon birthday party for one of the cast of Anything Goes who does a lot of high-toned house parties.
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