Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lost in Time

I get on FB and suddenly it's 2 hours later. I didn't know I typed that slowly.

Today's adventure was another time suck. 1 pm I drove out to the last of the 3 Humane Society of Silicon Valley's adoption centers, which turned out to be the smallest, and it was a 25-minute drive. It's in the back of a Petco. It was closed, with a sign saying come back after 2:05. It was lunchtime, I was hungry, no way was I driving all the way back without seeing cats.

Remembered there is a restaurant across the very big parking lot I'd been meaning to try. Mimi's French cafe or cuisine or something. It is the size of a house, and the design makes it look smaller than it is by a long shot. The kitchen is in the middle, and there are seating areas on all sides of it, but you can only see your section. I was seated fairly quickly, but didn't see a waiter for 5 minutes. My section was almost empty, so this was a WTF until later in the meal when I realized he was working tables on the other side of the building.

The soup arrived in seconds, the main dish 20 minutes later, not hot. A paper-thin slightly dusted with breading fish fillet with a piccata sauce which tasted kind of like l'orange watered way down and sprinkled with lemon. There were four canned mushroom slices. And a few tasteless capers. The garlic mashed potatoes may have been made yesterday.

I tried to flag down my waiter a couple of times when he waited on the table to my right, but he had his blinders and jet pack on. Bread pudding dessert arrived about 5 minutes after I was ready for it. It was superb. 10 more minutes to be told the check was coming, another 10 to actually get it. Paid cash with minimal tip, and walked back to Petco.

The adoption place was open, but no one was there. I signed in and walked around and finally someone appeared. The two cats I'd seen online were in solitary for not playing well with others, so scratch that. So to speak. She took me into the adult cat room, but the cats were all bored and not interested in me or I in them.

Giant sucking sound as I drove back to work.

Hit a couple of snags at work, stuff which needs to wait till tomorrow.

First stop was the apartment office, they had three items for me. Went across the street to Lowe's and bought tools to unclog the toilet. Home, watched some of the Raiders game. Opened up the packages, one was the CPAP which I set up in the bedroom but may not be able to use because they seem to have forgotten to include the adapter which lets me use the extension tube. I don't think the single tube they provided is long enough for the kind of rolling around I do.

Also in the mix was didjiman's most excellent calendar. Three of them, actually. One is for my livingroom wall, one is a gift for an art photography co-worker, and I have a couple of weeks to decide on the last one. I have some ideas. None of them include the BASFA auction.

Used the fondue pot to melt down the two cheese wheels from the Milk Pail, which turned out to be so old their waxed paper cover with instructions on the pack had to be scraped off in pieces. Nowhere near as good as the $1 more expensive TJ's fondue - it was watery, didn't stick to the bread as much as soaked it. Bananas only got a thin coating, not very satisfying and the taste was a bit bland. The fondue pot is a FAIL for a single person, it is big enough for a party, but too wide for a mere two single servings to allow deep dipping.

Domino kept staring at me as I ate, I finally gave her a piece of cheese-soaked bread, but she didn't like it either.

The end of the Raiders game was lackluster, but there were some bright moments, and they kept Denver to a fairly low score.

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