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Early To Write

Early to desk
Early to write
Makes a man nearsighted

Early to desk
Early to write
Makes a man grumpy, dumpy and impolite.

Never mind.

Lots of varied and interesting/challenging work today.

Lunch at Denny's, had the build-it-yourself Hobbit Slam which was more than I could finish but not by much:
Shire sausage which is a large mild Italian style tube of yummy goodness
Seed cake French Toast was not related to any toast or French I've ever seen, it was like a square slice of yellow pan cake with poppy seeds, cut into two toast-like triangles, drizzled with some kind of delicious sweet icing. More of a dessert than an entree item
The double order of pumpkin pancakes is what did me in. One order is 2 pancakes, and as it turned out I really only had room for three and a half of these yummy disks with a huge scoop of pumpkin butter on top.

Service was excellent, which sometimes doesn't happen when the place is as empty as it was, so I gave her a big tip. The price of the meal was so low the tip looked outrageous, but she deserved it.
Before I went to lunch I turned on the hands-free phone system in the car and dialed up the CPAP supplier, waited 5 minutes on hold as a recorded message kept telling me how great their customer support is, with frequent splice-ins telling me not to hang up or I'll lose my place in line. Drove to Denny's, about 10 more minutes, sat in their lot another 5, and finally gave up on CPAP place's excellent service and went in for lunch.

Home, the only thing in the mailbox was an Alienware ad. :-(

No packages today, but last night I went on a spree ordering NFL cheerleader calendars from more places than I have wall space. It started with the Seagals, then the Redskins, obligatory Dallas, and when I saw the Jets' cover I had to have one. And Miami. No 49ers or Raiderettes, yet. Maybe not - 49ers is out of stock, Raiders is 3 women to a page, in one-piece swim suits.

Got FB notes from 2 out of 3 UK cousins that they received their calendars. And my sister in Israel, who thought the postage was expensive. And yeah, it cost $1 more to mail than to print, for all the overseas addresses. Haven't heard from Canada yet. Oregon and Baltimore, yes.

Plans for tonight:
One more episode of The Mentalist in Tivo.
Spanikopita for dinner?
Maybe also watch me some Undercover Boss.
Give the CPAP another try

Plans for tomorrow:
Set up the second litterbox and maybe water & food towers
Be at Sunnyvale HSSV by 10
Maybe adopt a cat (Milo The Huge Blue-Eyed Attention Whore is still listed as adoptable)
And all that that entails
Maybe bring some cat food to a friend
Maybe meet Janice for coffee
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