Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Exciting Morning, Dull Day

As planned, I went to the Sunnyvale Petco and adopted Milo The Blue-Eyed Attention Whore from the HSSV center in the back of the store. It took an hour with the very personable and attractive 20-something Elena, which included buying a different brand of pet food (two, really - some small cans and a big bag of dry) and a pet bed since I donated all the ones which had been cluttering up the livingroom and being ignored by Domino.

Home, put Milo's carrier down next to the recliner while I emptied the food tower I'd filled last night, and poured in the new food, Royal Canin #27 chicken. The canned is apparently for a night time treat (1 tablespoon).

Domino walked right past the carrier without seeing the cat inside. Twice. So I opened the carrier door and let Milo poke his extremely long neck out. He looks like a seal. Which is kind of funny because he's a chocolate sealpoint Siamese.

After a while Domino noticed him and dug her claws into the carpet and hissed a little and let out a sub-vocal yowl. Milo walked around the apartment with his head swiveling on that long neck, bobbing a bit, like a periscope, and finally ran into the bedroom and hid under the bed.

I mostly watched the Army-Navy game, from time to time I went into the bedroom and coaxed Milo out, and even carried him to the litterbox, but he ran back into the bedroom.

After the game I stretched out on the bed to read, and he joined me. He's very solid - quite a strong cat. 16 pounds of mostly muscle, he's only maybe 2 lbs overweight.  He looked fatter in the shelter, probably the way he was perched on the plank.

Meanwhile, Domino was helping herself to generous portions of his food and water, and camped out on his new bed (over which I had thrown the blanket the center gave me - they said it was what he slept on there). 

Milo has been out a couple of times to explore, it won't be long before he figures out Domino is not a threat.

He managed to find a catnip-filled cloth banana toy which Domino occasionally rolls around on. Milo grabbed it and sank claws and teeth into it like a champ. I'll have to get him more toys - Domino has not been interested in them much.

I had been hoping to get to the Dragon Theater's open house at their under-construction new site, but it seemed more important to hang around for the cats.

A couple of early photos of Milo -  the flash red-eye effect hides his blue eyes.

On the bed, my space-themed comforter

In front of the sofa's leopard throw

Testing Domino's scratching loop

Plans for tomorrow:
Noon photo shoot
2pm or so party in Los Altos Hills
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