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Two Dulls Don't Make A Bright

But first the insomnia report. Milo curled up at the foot of the bed on the fleece blanket Domino parks on when she is in there. He undocked while I was reading to see how good a scratching post the book made, apparently not so good. He is a very long, solid and strong cat and he can gracefully leap onto the bed without me feeling it. All 16 lbs of him. Domino needs to pull herself up, and it's pretty obvious.

For those who came in late, Milo has a food tower, a water fountain and a litterbox in the bedroom.

I went to bed early, got to sleep a tiny bit early. At about 2 am I heard Milo burying treasure in the crystal-filled automatic litterbox. I thought yay! He's smart, figured out what that thing was. But then he was in there about every 45 minutes until at about 5 am he went totally ape trying to dig to the bottom of the box, but the crystals kept filling back in. I had to lift him out of there. He fled to the bathroom, but spent the rest of the morning under the bed.

I had the bedroom door closed all night to keep Domino out, when I opened it in the morning she went right for his food & water. He was back up on the bed by then, and he snarled at her, but she ignored him.

As far as I can tell he hasn't eaten or drunk or used the litterbox since he came here. Oh wait, he finished a tiny can of what the adoption center said to feed him last night.

He spends a lot of time grooming himself, he's a very clean cat. I'm tempted to change his name. He's Siamese and deserves a Siamese name. There is a famous Thai actor who is very handsome, and knows it, and plays strong characters (always the hero). His name is Sombat. Maybe...

I thought about naming him "cat" in Thai, but that's "maew" which would be cheating.

Maybe "nah-rock" which means love face. Handsome is "law" with a low tone, somehow doesn't click for me.

Finally showered and shaved at 8:30, nothing on the agenda till noon so I made breakfast out of sourdough slices and goat cheese. 

Football came on at 10, I watched whatever was on, not a local game, switching off with time on the computer. Milo came out to explore, he's not scared of Domino anymore, just wary. Domino still moans at him when she sees him, but she's not hissing or kneading the carpet.

Photo shoot was postponed half an hour. I left at noon, but it took 40 minutes to get there, which is fine, this guy's shoots never start on time. The organizer only stayed long enough to get things set up, he had a child's b'day to attend to, and left his assistant in charge. We started shooting half an hour later.

There were 6 photogs, one model, she had already done one shoot that morning. This group was very loud, the model chose horrible heavy metal as her background music (it sounded like Cookie Monster on steroids backed by a couple of electrical substations getting ready to melt down).  She came out nude, and the setup the assistant had arranged was a pair of silver reflector panels about 7' tall, with a large studio light right in front and a key light behind. Very limiting, awkward. The model is a total hard body, small blonde with bolted on breasts which ruined it for me. Another thing the 0% body fat did was really show her hysterectomy scar. She has a great smile with her lips closed, but uneven teeth. Pretty eyes, variegated but mostly brown.

Long story short,we shot for 3 minutes each, then changed some minor thing in the setup, then another round,  by the second to last round I had had it, everyone was shooting at once, I had to back into a couple of the other guys to get my shots. Well, I didn't have to, but they were in my way. I bailed before the last round. It was so nice to get outside away from the metal noise and the loud voices. Out of the 200 shots I took, maybe 6 are worth keeping. I won't be posting any of them.

Stayed home long enough to see the 49ers score the winning TD, then grabbed a wedge of Brie and a roll of Ritz crackers and a calendar and my camera and drove to the home of the most obnoxious person from the Anything Goes cast, for her 50th birthday party. Turns out most of the food was gone, but I managed to have a couple of conversations with people in the cast I liked, and then wandered to the front room which has a little stage and a grand piano, and watched (and took pictures) of B'day girl's friends and relations in various attempts at singing. There were some fine singers. And some really good accompanists. And some downright awful screechers. And some children of theater friends who tried real hard but just don't have the pipes.

I think it was telling that none of the production staff showed up. The director has an excuse, her baby is overdue.

Never saw my brie again. Or anyone else's. The event was catered, and the caterers hid everything the guests brought.

The invite said 2-6:30, by 5:30 things started to wind down and I snuck out.

Home, opened the bedroom door, and eventually Milo came out and snooped around. He came into the office and glided up onto the windowsill, not recognizing Domino's set of steps. He didn't need 'em. I made some mac and cheese and franks for dinner, and replayed the end of the football game. Somewhere in there Milo managed to get tangled in an electrical cord and pulled the fan off its stand, which toppled a heater I don't use, and sent the cable modem to the floor. It made an impressive crashing sound. Milo zoomed back to the bedroom and under the bed. He was back on the fleece blanket soon enough.

I uploaded the photos to the PC, and took a look. I'll need to work on the party pix before I post them, most were taken in available darkness.

Bottom line for Milo is he's working out just fine.

Plans for tomorrow:
9 am team meeting
more automation work
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