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It's Too Late, Baby

Should have written this three hours ago, but email had to be answered. More on that later

Was up before the alarm, Milo was grooming himself on the bed. He came up to rub against my face and to see what there was on the night stand worth playing with.

When I got out of the shower, he was trying to figure out a way inside the shower curtain, and was a bit surprised when I opened it. 

It took a long time to get ready for work, mostly because the PC was on.

Work was an all day beating my head against this multi-layered automation script.  Lunchtime I went to China Stix but they were closed. Used to be all Chinese restaurants were closed Mondays, they chose Tuesdays but only during the winter. Next door is a sports crapola place, so I brought in a collector's hockey puck which I'd bought at the BASFA auction, but they blew me off, saying they were not a memorabilia place. They sell a lot of sports stuff, including collector's photos and such, but they referred me to a place a couple of miles away. I'll put it on eBay and see what people bid on it.

I thought the Walgreen's in that center was closed, but it wasn't, and I had a couple of items on my list, which I got quickly, but then had to wait 10 minutes while all three checkout aisles were stalled with people who can't read the coupons or were waiting for the results of their lobotomies. No lady, a box of 50 security letter-sized envelopes on sale does not mean you get that price for a package of padded mailers. The guy who had been behind me switched to the next line, where he paid in pennies.

They had banana bread on special at the checkout, so I took that to work for lunch. I had some other stuff in the cooler, a peeled and sliced apple, a pickle, Oreos.

I left a little early to pick up a package which I forgot all about when I was driving and stopped in at Fry's for a couple of things, which made me too late for the apartment office. Grr.

Email from Solmeta, which makes the camera GPS unit I use, finally saying they will send me a new one, I should return the broken one. I PayPalled them the express mail fee and will send the unit back tomorrow.

Milo has been wandering around the computer room, I had to lift him off the VCR table twice. He is heavy. He is now totally at home here, and he has even come up behind Domino and sniffed her butt, as long as she isn't looking. But when they come face to face she still makes noises of disapproval, and he tries to find a way to sneak past her. He isn't hissing at her any more, he has figured out she's a, well, pussycat.

He has several places he likes to perch, including the seat of my recliner, the bed, the window sill in the office, atop a 4'-tall plastic cart which has a bunch of parental photo collections inside and my Boskone prints on top. They are vertical, he sits in front of, not on, them.

Palo Alto Players invited me to their holiday party, but it was 5:30-7:30 and I can't get there before 7 on a work night, and besides, holiday party. Nice to be invited though.

I wrote thank you email to the HSSV staffer who arranged Milo's adoption, and to the head of customer relations. The latter was to praise all the staffers and volunteers who helped in my search, and to not praise the one at el Paseo who was more interested in being the cat girl than in encouraging adoptions.

Plans for tomorrow:

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