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Too Much Fun

Same project at work, keeps looking like I am getting closer until I run the whole script. :-(

Lunchtime I went to the PO and express mailed the Solmeta GPS camera attachment to them. In Shenzhen, China. I guess that's really Hong Kong. I was surprised that now they use the domestic envelopes for global express. $38.

Had lunch at IHOP. Very tasty carrot cake pancakes.

Costco called, my slides were scanned and ready to pick up. Once again I was thwarted by going there first and doing some shopping instead of picking up packages at the apartment office (there are now 2).

Home, put stuff away, gave the cats treats, dinner was Hungarian style stuffed cabbage which I'd picked up at Costco, not expecting much, but it was so good I ate all 4 of the large rolls. Tasted a lot like how my Hungarian grandmother taught me to make them.

Domino is getting a little bit braver, she set up to jump Milo when he came out from behind the entertainment center, but he is lightning fast and was past her, turned around facing her from 2 feet away before she could do anything. So she yelled at him and took a swipe, which landed 6" short. He meowed back, then skulked away.

When I check on them during the day on the webcams, usually he is on the recliner and she is curled in the tiny cat hidey hole thing by the piano. When I came home she came out for most of the evening, but she's back inside now. Probably because I chased her away from his food dish.

I had wanted to go to the strip club tonight (I'm running low on ones, and the CU ATM gave me a 100-dollar bill) but spent the time processing the new images (Photoshop's "Auto Color" and "Lighten Shadows" features are my friends). I miscounted, and sent them 502 slides, one of which was total garbage, so 501 are now on my Flickr site. A few examples:

I can't remember her name, she was keeping her friend company at Laem Singh, her friend was selling soft drinks. She's wearing the standard government worker uniform.

A hills tribe girl shopping in the market in Chiang Rai. The coins on her head probably mean she is single, and that's her dowry.

Firing up the wok in Haad Yai night market. I was there almost every night for dinner.

Day Care at a village which spun and wove cotton and maybe also silk cloth. Unwed mothers went there to learn to run a manual loom.  I think this was up near Sri Chiangmai in the far north, but it could have been outside of Udorn in the Northeast.

General Kris (pronounced Krit) about to board the train at Trang. He was the head of the southern section of troops, and this turned out to be his last train ride. He had a heart attack after he got to Bangkok, and was finally done in by sticky rice and mangoes. That's another story...

A house in the Vietnamese section of Mukdahan, on the Laotian border. The writing says "House Thai people rent. Please don't damage." Thais did not like the Vietnamese refugees (this was only a couple of years after the war) and part of this section had been set fire to by villagers.

Plans for tomorrow:
Pick up packages before going to work (?)
Thursday night football

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