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I'd set three cloth shopping bags on the floor near the door to take back to the car, when I picked them up I felt something wet. Domino had barfed on them.

Picked up 3 items at the apartment office before going to work. There were two calendars, one in a padded envelope, but the SeaGals one was in a UPS box way too big for it, which had two empty Seahawks boxes inside for filler. Not as big a WTF as it might be, WA has a lot of rural fans whose calendars would have been bent to fit into their mailboxes, better to send UPS and in a box.

Work was major league foo, I left at 12:30 when they took my machine to re-image. Worked from home, but it turns out the machines I'd been planning to log into were in use for another project. I got maybe 2 hours of actual work done.

Milo sort of owns the apartment now, but he's easily spooked. Domino is starting to reclaim her territory, jumping up on my lap when I'm sitting on the recliner. This morning she was up on the bed when Milo was elsewhere. There have been no noises between them this afternoon. He has been trying out the many scratching posts, and unlike any other cat I've ever had, he will hide under the couch throw.

Watched the football game, but when Milo sat on my lap I decided it was time to take pictures for the HSSV center. Could not find my favorite tripod. I know I've had it in this apartment, but it wasn't in either of the closets or the storage room, or in the trunk of the car. So I pulled out my old standby, but it was missing the quick-release mount. For weeks there was a quick-release mount on my desk, but I think I threw it out, knowing there were two in the newer tripod's carrying case.

And I needed the wireless shutter release, which I found, but the battery was dead. It's a weird battery, and I did not have a spare.

So I drove to Fry's down the block, bought batteries, but they did not have a tripod release. They had the same tripod as my favorite on sale for $32, which is not much more than a release costs a la carte, and it comes with two releases, but they were out of stock. San Jose has 5, they said, so I found a freeway and went there, and yup, they had 5, 4 of which had not been pried open by inconsiderate customers. And yes, it was on sale.

8 pm, there were hardly any customers in either store, and only two or three cashiers. Horrible loud tacky Jesus music was blaring both places, I won't be back before 2013.

Missed the best part of the football game, got back just as they were taking a knee for the last time. :-(

The release worked fine on the old tripod, but the shutter release only worked at the camera end, the remote didn't trigger it. The Solmeta GPS I sent back has a wireless release, but that's on its way to China and it will be 2 weeks before I see the replacement. So I ordered another wireless on Amazon.

I even pulled out my D90, which I used to have a remote for, but that remote was not in any of my camera cases. Very frustrating.

I had bought a couple of items at the BASFA auction which I think are worth a lot more than the seller knows. I listed them on eBay, with high reserve prices to see how much people would bid. One of them will probably go to my nephew, and I'll keep the other if (when) nobody bids high enough.

Got some laundry done while I was WFH, maybe I should take it out of the dryer. And hang stuff up. Already washed & dried the shopping bags.

Plans for tomorrow:
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