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Yesterday was foo filled at work and when I went home for lunch it was foo filled on the TV news too. But it was good to sit in the recliner with cats.

I went home because there were two packages to pick up at the apartment office. One was something called Wax Vac which was advertised to be a safe way to melt ear wax instead of swabbing it out, and I was hoping to use it to avoid a doctor's appointment to unclog my left ear. But the instructions for the device say it is only for grabbing the wax that's close to the surface, and even then they suggest using a softener first, and say to see a doctor for anything like what I have.

The other item was a major WTF non-delivery, a $10 earbud set which definitely did not have to be sent "signature required".

I didn't really eat lunch, I think I had a pickle and a couple of pieces of chocolate. I was feeling very depressed.

Back at work things didn't get better till about 5 pm, but it will be Monday before we get a fix for the main foo.

After work was dreaded holiday season shopping. I don't do holiday shopping, I don't believe in buying presents just because the Jesus culture says it's required. I was raised by Orthodox Jews, I am allergic to anything related to the elevation of a human to deity status. Even when I did believe in the concept of a Messiah, I didn't believe he was entitled to a do-over. The Bible says he'll bring universal peace. Jesus didn't achieve that while he was alive, or in the 1,000 years his apologists gave him. Even now that I have no faith of any kind, I'm still allergic to this holiday, and elevating the minor mythological holidays of Chanukah and Kwanzaa to the same status is not helping.

But I digress.

First stop was Petco, where I was accosted by row upon row of pet toys in pagan holiday colors of green and red. I had to wait for a pair of chatty employees to finish stocking the canned food who totally blocked the non-denominational cat toy aisle. Found three items which I thought soon-to-be-renamed Milo might enjoy.

Looked at my phone's groc list, I needed celery and bananas, and Safeway app said pasta and Klondike bars were on sale. So, Safeway, got those items plus onion dip for the celery and margarine, which was on sale and I only have one stick left in the freezer. Looked for light whipped cream, but they have changed all their cans to a holiday theme and they all say "made with real cream" which does not strike me as "light". Domino does not like the one I got a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I need to try Lucky's.

Driving back home, I was in the left lane when I passed the produce store, so I took the next U-turn and popped inside to get a few cans of what is now my favorite stuffed grape leaves brand:

I wish they made them with ground lamb instead of only vegetarian, but these are pretty good, bite sized and in a delicious minty sauce.

Home, dinner was a lamb shank and half a can of the dolmathes pictured above. Klondike bars for dessert.

Pet toys had been tossed into the middle of the livingroom, and the big surprise is Milo is not at all interested in the two round objects. He loves the burlap bag of catnip, which was no surprise seeing as how much he loves the catnip banana.

I was still very depressed by the news and the Facebook reaction to it. Tried to take my mind off it by watching the Tivo - all I had on there was the 12-12 concert for Sandy, and I mostly FFed past a screaming Alicia Keyes, and an aging The Who, but listened to most of Billy Joel's very long set which did some clever and artful things with NYC vignettes and gave each of his band members (all of them half his age) some time in the spotlight. They were very good, and were enjoying being part of an epic performance. FFed past the gratuitous wanna-be personalities interviewing New Yawkers for no apparent reason, lookin forward to the Nirvana set with Sir Paul, but Tivo had decided the program ended before that, so I was back to being depressed.

Went to the PC for more FB angst, when I got back to the livingroom, the cats were both on the recliner, a major milestone, so I grabbed the camera and took some photos. Less depressed after that.

Went to bed early, but couldn't sleep. Played with the internet radio to see what the Beeb was saying about the foo in CT, but all their broadcasts were in fru-fru mode: an interview with a doctor doing research on blood oxygen levels, something about winter gardening, a recording which said BBC World Service was off the air and would return at some time GMT. I could not find their Thai broadcast.

Fell asleep somewhere around midnight. 4 am the cats are fighting. Or more accurately, yelling at each other. Milo has started to meow when he's miffed. 7:30 am feels like 5 am, Milo curls up next to me, his head on my arm, purring like an Evinrude.  

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