Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Weird Dream Channel

I am in some kind of hospital or asylum or halfway house and the loudspeaker says I am to come to the office. At the office they tell me to get my things together, I have been chosen to go to the place for dream therapy. I ask if that means I won't be able to go to auditions.

Email says auditions are at Santa Clara U, and I drive there and park, but I forgot to bring the email and can't remember where on campus it it. I start walking and am soon on a dirt path leading somewhere rural which looks like it is outside of San Diego, except across the water and behind a hill I can see Hangar One as a prominent landmark.

I get farther away, into a heavily wooded area which is also lined with houses - I am on the right, on the upper side of a divided road, 10 feet or so below on the left are th houses on the other side of the road. I know I have walked too far in the wrong direction, and have heard warnings about being alone in unfamiliar places so I turn around. There is a path perpendicular to the one I'm on, I take it.

It is a combination farm and industrial area, and some men in robes and turbans are inside what looks like either a warehouse or a barn, while another is using a pickax to prepare for expansion of the space. He puts that down and picks up what looks like an inflatable torpedo toy, he makes some adjustments on it and on a radio controller box on the ground.

A young boy joins me on my walk, holding the inflatable torpedo on a string. It floats a few feet above us. After we have walked about 100 yards another topedo-like object flies from the warehouse area, homes in on the inflatable, and bumps it just enough to make contact. They both stay in the air. The boy smiles at me, says it worked and goes back from whence he came.

I remember the auditions are at Louis B Mayer Theater, and as soon as I walk through the front door I am pulled aside by a woman who tells me she wants me to sing three songs. She names them, I have heard of only one. A long-ago TheatreWorks castmate stands alongside the music stand as page turner. The "music" is only lyrics. A piano starts playing and I am encouraged to sing, but I have never heard this tune but I fake it pretty well until I come to a part where, and some of the lyrics are written in by hand and I cannot read the writing.
Tags: dream weirdness

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