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Can't Rust Cat Day

Misheard lyrics.

For the first time maybe ever, when the alarm went off at 7 I got out of bed and got ready for work, and was there at 7:45 am because there was a "webinar" being done from the Pennsylvania office at 11 am their time, on something which actually sounded interesting for a change. Basically a piece of our company of which I should not be a part but am anyway due to corporate politics from about 2009 is developing a line of products for what they perceive to be the upcoming IP in the home revolution.  Or more specifically, video entertainment via IP.

Can't give more details than that, but can say it was an impressive array of gear and well thought out. There was too much marketingpseak, but not enough to make me throw my shoe at the screen. It was also low-tech, slides on the screen via a popular meeting sharing application but you had to dial a telephone to hear the talking part.

Had our team meeting right after, and then some magic happened as I was able to log into the machine I'd backed up my files on before they took it away to be re-imaged. Only it turns out that 90% of the stuff I thought I copied was not there. Apparently the copy command was not recursive, so only the base directory was copied, not the good stuff in the folders underneath. Not a huge problem because it's all available elsewhere, but will make things much less efficient until I can gather all those things where they are easy to find and actually helpful. I may be able to do a lot of that tomorrow.

Lunchtime I went to the PO and dropped my sister's Chanukah present into the parcel bin. It had more than enough postage on it, and was under the "must hand to an employee" weight, so no need to wait in line for what looked like 25 minutes or more.

Wasn't hungry, survived well enough on snacks I'd brought. Forgot the banana again. :-(

Since I had arrived early I left early, and told the boss on the way out I would be working from home in the morning, and avoiding the tacky holiday lunch in the break room. And no, I don't want my name entered in the raffle, there's nothing raffle-able the company makes which I have any interest in winning.

Picked up two packages at the office, and the irony is painful. Both camera remotes were in one package (one for the D90 and one for the D300s - the D90 has an IR sensor for triggering the shutter release, but the D300 needs something plugged into a proprietary 10-pin connector in a very awkward place on the front of the camera.) And the other package was the replacement GPS attachment, which also has a built in wireless shutter release.

They all worked just fine. But now the Siamese cat refuses to pose on my lap. :-(

He will, however, raise himself up to his full height while sitting on a stool near the kitchen and rub his face against mine. I may be able to stage a photo of that.

Monday Night Football was a comedy of errors, so many of my family and friends are Jests fans, I had to watch. It was too funny to leave early so I blew off attending BASFA.

Dinner was the last container of home made (crock-cooked) chicken soup, but it didn't turn out very tasty, which is what I get for only using gizzards and hearts with no traditional chicken meat, and leaving out the things one finds in the kosher soup mix: barley, split peas, lima beans and such. It tasted more like beef soup than chicken, and kind of bland in a way which finally made me understand why phở lovers douse that poor excuse for soup with hot sauce.

Applied the antidote - ate some celery stalks dipped in onion soup dip. And a couple of Klondike bars.

Did some research on possible Thai names for the Siamese cat soon-to-not-be-named-Milo. I have a pretty good Thai dictionary/thesaurus app from Thai2English.com, I think it cost me about $50. Well worth it.

Here's what I found:

He looks a lot like a seal, turns out in Thai this is "แมวน้ำ" meow-nam, which means "water cat". Otter is "นาก" naak, which sounds a lot like the word for "a weight", and it's also an alloy of copper which is what color he is. I'm tempted to go with irony and call 16-lb him by one of the common Thai nicknames, เล็ก Lek or น้อย Noi which both are flavors of "small".  There does not seem to be a single Thai word for "narcissist" but there are a couple of similar words.

As it turns out, the name of the Thai film star, สมบัติ Sombat, means "wealth" or "asset" and is the root word for "kingdom" and "to reign". Put รูป (ruup) in front of it (that's the word for picture) and it means elegant.

Anyhow, the search continues. I do not want to use the word for prince, because that would be disrespectful.

Maybe น่ารัก nâa rák, which means "lovely". Literally "love face".

Got some landry done. I'm not sure which cat will be sitting on it when I go to put it away.

Plans for tomorrow:

Work from home. There is a difficult training class online which I need to finish. And there is some gathering of lost data as well.
Will probably go to the office after a late lunch
Still need to put the scanned slides back into their holder pages and get another 500 ready to scan.

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