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Other Than That, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the show?

I was on track to get to work at 9 but was distracted by some last minute impulsives. One of them was remembering the bananas. Another was pouring Domino's half filled food tower's contents into a bowl and mixing in the rest of the bag of Siamese cat's food, which was about 1/3 of the total, and pouring it back into the tower and putting it back at Domino's place. Siamese cat went right for it.

And I think prior to that I got delayed looking up stuff on the web.

Work today was mostly spent rebuilding a Jython script which was lost when IT re-imaged my machine. Lunch at Starbucks, there were some very pretty women now and then, but I mostly was on my Ultrabook on FB and Twitter.

The sale announcement came in at about 4 pm, and my two closest cube-mates came into my cube and hashed it out. Between the three of us we have lots of experience working for other companies. I pulled up Arris' web page and we looked at their product line, which is impressive.  

1-on-1 with the boss, we talked about the acquisition,  this would be his 5th with the same product line. Also talked about work stuff and as I was leaving he asked if I got the book he left on my chair. Back in 2009 I loaned him my copy of The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down: A Hmong Child, Her American Doctors, and the Collision of Two Cultures and when I was laid off a couple of weeks later I told him to keep it till he finished it. We sometimes run into each other at the Thai temple, I figured we'd be in touch. It's a tough book to plow through, especially the last 1/4, and he didn't quite make it but he read enough to get the impact of the culture clash. I highly recommend it to anyone who has had to readjust to living in a different culture, because "you have no idea".

Back at my desk, Automation guy came over and we chatted till 6:30. I had nothing to do at home, or so I thought, and he was too hyped from the announcement to drive home.

Home, I couldn't find Domino. Usually she rushes the door as I open it, but she wasn't in any of her usual spots, and Siamese guy was running around like mad. Finally found her in the bedroom closet, I have no idea how she got in there, I only keep it open long enough in the morning to grab a shirt, and it's an accordian fold door which neither cat is strong enough to open.

She was pretty bedraggled, and meowed a lot as she headed for his food dish.

Quiet night, looked up some videos on Youtube via the Tivo because all of my season passes have expired and I have nothing parked there. :-(

Dinner was some dolmathes, and then finishing off the roti I made last night and most of the Penang curry coconut milk sauce.

I tried to give Domino the lactose-free whipped cream, but she looked at it like it was a melted leggo. Then I tried the regular whipped cream, which she ate some of but was not thrilled. I can't find the light stuff she likes anywhere.

Plans for tomorrow:
No Thursday Night Football, what am I to do?
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