Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Made some progress at work. Lunch at the Pho place with Automation Guy. Made him nervous by pointing out that boss' absentee pattern could be a symptom of job hunting.

Stopped off at the Arab/Mexican market looking for cardamom and any other spices they had for cheap. Cardamom was very expensive, but less than the mainstream stores. Got a great deal on a big jar of cinnamon, not so great on a small packet of nutmeg. Will do some online searching.

Ordered jerseys for my WA sister and her husband, who share the same last name with the defensive captain for the Seahawks. I've been waiting for those to appear for a while, just coincidence it's holiday time. Spent more than an hour on the phone with both American sisters tonight, Baltimore one said she loved the Chanukah present. A T-shirt with a dragon lighting a menorah with his fiery breath.

Finally got a notice that the SF Giants jacket I sent back for exchange about a month ago got there and a replacement shipped today.

Dinner was celery, and the bagel and lox sandwich I'd made for lunch Thursday.

Plans for tomorrow:
Finalize a new name for Siamese cat
Lunch with an ex-wife who moved to the Sacramento area many moons ago
Coffee with Janice in the late afternoon
Washington is in the Maaco Bowl, I'll catch it on Tivo so I can skip the obnoxious commercials.
Maybe The Hobbit after coffee.

It looks to be a messy weather weekend, I'm not traveling.

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