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I was up and ready to go at 9:30, hoping to catch a 10:30 matinee, but the web said the first show was 12:15, so I watched some Raiders football, or whatever they call what those guys stumble through, played with Kaan, was ignored by Domino.

It was raining when I went to the movies, about as hard as standard Seattle weather. After the movie I parked at Starbucks, which was almost empty, and watched the rain go from Seattle Normal to Oregon Coast Winter complete with 40 mph gusts. The palm trees looked so out of place in that.

There were some very tight jeans and stretch pants to admire, but due to the rain there was not much clientèle and for some reason most of them were"to go" customers. I was happy to sit in the corner plugged into their AC and wi-fi.

I have been looking all week both online and in stores for reasonably priced ground or powdered cardamom, and finally found it at the San Francisco Herb Company. About $20 for a pound, compared to supermarket spice jars at $13 for 1.75 ounces (that would be $118/lb). While I was there I also got a pound of ground nutmeg, thyme and some vanilla extract. I should have added dill weed, except I'm stocked up on that, less than $3/lb compared to about $9 for 3 oz in the stores.

After the rain died down a bit, I went home, TJ's fondue for dinner, watched a couple of episodes on Tivo of a program where they put hidden cameras in restaurants to show the owners how effed up their staff (and sometimes the management) is, while Tivo was slurping up the 49ers-Seahawks game. The idea is to skip the horrible holiday commercials. Give me a break, who buys a car for Christmas? Or a mattress? Or anything that isn't jewelry or a toy?

After dinner I watched the game, FF-ing through the commercials, but ran out of recording right before the 4th quarter. I stopped watching with about 6 minutes to go, will watch the end later when I can FF again, because the last 6 game minutes = 45 real minutes and 76 commercials.

I am a Seahawks fan mostly because they are usually the underdog, and they have the most beautiful logo in the league. Until they decided cobalt blue and neon green was not ugly enough for them, they also had the hottest home team uniforms. The 49ers have become my transplanted home team, but I'm not a fan of the team as much as a fan of individual players. I like Kaepernick, and the Smith brothers, and Manningham (who was a real coup to take away from Manning). And Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. San Francisco has clinched the division, Seattle needed the win to clinch a wild card place, so I was more rooting for Seattle this time. But I wanted it to be a high scoring QB duel like last week's SF-NE game. Instead, the Seahawks beat the crap out of the 9ers. I don't need to see the last 3 minutes to know who will win, just to see if either team scores again.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe do the slides
Mostly stay home with the cats
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