Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Missing Day

Stayed inside all day, except to get the laptop out of the car in the morning so I could clean the screen and the keyboard; and going out to get the junk mail in the afternoon. Not all junk, there was a Christmas card from an east coast friend with this year's picture of his family.

Procrastinated a lot by having breakfast, my meds, a shower and some celery. Watched some Restaurant Stakeout  which always boils down to lack of management, easily fixed. I'm waiting for him to find the one with health code violations or a chef who can't cook.

The only real plans I had for the day were to clean the laptop, and to take the 502 slides out of their boxes of 50, and put them back into the binder sleeves. And then pull the next 500 and put them in the 10 boxes, sans the old Costco bar code stickers.

I set up in the livingroom on two TV tables, and just cranked away as the TV blared. Took a lunch break between phase I and phase II. After 500 slides were packed, I saw there were only 21 slides left in the binder so I put them in an 11th box, figuring to have the order split into 2 DVDs (they only hold 500 slides, maybe 505 on a good day). But then I looked at my binders in the office and there is one more I forgot about, which looks like it has 150 in it. So I'll make that a final batch after today's are processed.

While I was doing this, and then online annoying people on FB, Tivo was recording the Hawaii bowl, which I eventually watched, skipping the commercials, and the halftime crap, and then went into triple FF as it was obvious Fresno State was going to continue being slaughtered. They just never showed up. I don't know if it would have helped them to have their cheerleaders in 2-piece tube tops and mini-skirts like the SMU cheerleaders.

Kaan is being strange today, he wasn't interested in his canned food treat. Domino was, I had to get out the spray bottle to chase her away, but she'll overcome that fear soon enough.

I finished the egg nog, but that's really a NYE thing for me. I'll pick some up later in the week. Also need to get my nails done, maybe Wednesday.

Photoshopped a picture I'd taken at the Penzance police station and made this for FB:

It came to me in a dream, I woke up at 5 am and punched the idea into Evernote, then went back to sleep.

In that same dream was a serious bug report to file Wednesday, I emailed myself at work from my cell phone. I don't think I've filed this particular bug yet, will have to look.

Boss posted pix of his flooded street in Fremont, but it isn't even close to as bad as his flooded street last time he was in Phichit, Thailand.

Plans for tomorrow:

Field trip: check to see if the little Chinese place on Maude is open.
Maybe see a movie.

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