Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Too Late

Had a pair of nice 1-hour naps, but was too late to get to any of the Chinese restaurants so it was Denny's. As soon as  I was seated they moved me to another section to make way for a party of 22. This is when I should have left.

The manager was waiting my table - and theirs. he did manage to bring me my order in 15 minutes, but ignored me for 15 after I was done, did not even notice when I put some $$ on the table and left.

I only identified 2 members of the tribe, everyone else was Hispanic. As I was leaving a group of 6 Asians were waiting for a table.

Since I didn't get a chance to order dessert, I stopped at 7-11 and bought some ice cream to eat at home. It went well with the honey and walnuts I already had.

In cat news, Kaan is worrying his lower tummy area, it is all full of small rashes. The HSSV thought this was a flea allergy, but he doesn't have fleas, and there are none in the apartment. I need to get some topical antihistamine for him, will see if Petco carries anything OTC, because I really do not want the cashectomy of a vet appointment. And after the nightmare of Pumpkin's misdiagnosis, none of my recent vets are to be trusted.

Domino is curled up on the bed. Kaan is meowing at me from somewhere. Time for both of us to hit the sack.

I am so happy to see the butt end of this day. As someone who was raised to not believe in the religion around Jesus, and to know the full farce of the holiday, it appalls me that the tradition not only continues, but spreads to people who don't believe. Anyone who looks up the Manger story in the New Testament and matches it to the Old Testament knows the mythological baby was born in April or May. It doesn't snow in Bethlehem in May, not even in December. There were no pine or fir trees in the area back then. And so on.

Gift giving should be a spontaneous, year-round thing, not something you do under peer pressure.

I do like the shiny lights.


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