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Quiet day at work, more of my team showed up than I expected. 4 out of 10. I managed to file two bugs which I'd thought of over the 4-day weekend, and kept pounding on the world's most boring automation script.

Lunchtime went to Petco, their computer systems were down, which meant they could not see sale prices for people with their discount card, so as each person entered the store, a staff member was assigned to write down the sale information as the customer plucked an item off the shelf. The nice man found an item which sounded like an OTC anti-itch med for cats, but when I got to the check-out and had plenty of time to read the box, it was a useless homeopathic mix which was to be given in food or water once a day for 30 days. No thank you. They had no ointments or lotions, so bye-bye.

Went across the street to Rite Aid for acetaminophen, then Hometown Buffet, which has food far worse than Denny's, and more screaming children per square inch. There was one young woman with an incredibly beautiful figure, but only one.

After work I got my nails done, then made a field trip to a new (to me) veterinary clinic, having had Bad Experiences with the last two. They looked really good online, but I wanted to see for myself. Lovely place, smiling employees, happy aides running the dogs around the building outside. I made an appointment for Kaan for tomorrow morning. Looking at her bio, I seem to have drawn the only vet who is single. She has a degree in marine biology, so she must be good. I'll have to ask if she has ever heard of Dixie Lee Ray. She doesn't look old enough for that, for someone who has never lived in WA.

Earlier in the day susandennis emailed me some photos of a hooded Seahawks jacket which came close to what I had described. She lives near the stadium, and thus near some fan shops. I could not see the photos or even email back that I got the email.  Last week the corporate IT bullies imagined that my work PC had a horrible hacker virus. It didn't, neither did the other 30 they tagged, but they had the power to shut us off the corporate network, so we all had our PCs re-imaged. New hard drives put in. Way overboard. I had been using the PC to log into Facebook, LJ, Twitter and my personal email web site, and the IT bullies opined that this might be part of the problem. So just as a reality check, I'm not using the work PC for that, I'm using my personal cell phone. And I forgot I was on the corporate guest network, which actually blocks my ability to send email or see images or most links on my phone. After lunch I realized all I had to do to fix that was have my phone "forget" the corporate guest login, and use the G4 network. But it's still too awkward to use it to write much.

Anyhow, Susan's intrepid research showed that there are no windbreakers which even remotely match what I'm looking for. The Seahawks are in the playoffs, and if they move up the ladder, I think there will be mo' bettah stuff. Hope it isn't gone by the time I am up there the weekend before Superbowl. I may even get to see her. I'm taking the train, and the station is next to the stadium, pretty much. But it arrives late and leaves early, so maybe not.

Full moon tonight was impressive, for the 30 seconds it was not behind the clouds. Lots of light rain today, and some very heavy around noon.

Duck over rice for dinner. Domino got fed some slivers, Kaan came over to see what the deal was. So I alternated between them. At one point Domino turned around and swatted at Kaan in a kind of windmill. He had his back against a closet, no where to go, so he raised up like a kangaroo, just out of reach until I yelled at her to stop.

Plans for tomorrow:

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