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No One Was Bleeding

Kaan's first Humane Society vet exam was called off because he was too feisty, and the report of the second one hinted at people being flayed alive, but this morning's visit to the vet did not involve any claws. He did demonstrate his ability to teleport, especially during the first antibiotic injection. There was only supposed to be one, but he moved and she missed. She held him better for the second one.

He bolted the first time he was stethoscoped, but he liked it when the vet hugged him while she scoped him the second time.

Bottom line is, as I thought, the skin irritation has nothing to do with fleas,  but could be some other allergy (not likely because he has been in four different locations in the last month, but the irritation persists), or some other parasite, but most likely it is a symptom from a previous issue which was not treated. The vet almost laughed when I told her the HSSV people said flea medicine also treats skin allergies. I didn't think so.

In addition to the shot, I'm supposed to squirt 15 units of some liquid into his mouth daily, it's a new medication which has been approved for treating itchy skin in cats. Not the homeopathic snake oil OTC stuff.

Kaan does not like to have things squirted into her mouth.

And there's a good reason - her teeth are in need of a cleaning and maybe some dental work. I need to bring him in for a blood test and then arrange for a dental appointment. Very expensive stuff which probably should have been done by the HSSV vets before he was put up for adoption. Yes, it costs them, but it costs me a lot more.

I know he needs it, his breath smells like goats' butts. You don't want to know how I know that. Srsly.

Work was another day of slogging through the automations script, but I got it to work well enough to send it to Automation Guy for tweaking, right at 5:20 pm.

Lunch was China Stix which has the best beef chow fun. They also have good dim sum, but it was late-ish and the cart was parked in the kitchen. And I have a ton of dim sum in the freezer at home.

Home by way of the apartment office, a package from San Francisco Herb Co. I don't know why I expected jars, but except for the vanilla extract everything was in non-re-usable plastic bags. I will have to buy some containers. A pound of ground cardamom, nutmeg, paprika, powdered thyme. I guess if I want egg nog, I need to buy it in the next couple of days. Something to put the nutmeg in/on.

Watched the first two bowl games on Tivo, while I was watching Kaan upset Domino no end by curling up on the bed I'd bought for him, which until now Domino had been parked on. She tried to face him down, but he just turned his back on her and curled up and went to sleep. The bed is on the sofa, in the middle. Domino sat on the end of the sofa nearest me, and stared at me with mournful eyes.

Dinner was a brilliant home-cooked meal. I made combination noodle soup, chicken bullion base, chopped up roast duck and honey BBQ pork from the Chinese supermarket, bay leaf, some peppercorns, minced onion and Thai rice stick noodles. What meat I didn't use in the soup is in containers in the freezer now.

Later I tried to give Kaan his medicine, but he runs away when he sees me coming with what looks too much like a needle. It really needs 4 hands.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop off a poop sample from Kaan at the vet's & make appointments for the upcoming cashectomy.
Starbucks, maybe 
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