Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Serial shopper

First stop this morning was to deliver a vial of Kaan poop to the vet. Made an appointment for tomorrow morning to have his blood work and any needed vaccinations done. And dental cleaning next Friday.

Work was quiet, but I got that pesky automation script done, and then found a related one to do, which took the rest of the day. Lunch with Automation Guy at Andy's BBQ.  Many years ago, my buddy George was a regular at the Gaslighter, and one night after a show we went to Andy's BBQ in Campbell, a short walk from the theater. Open the door, walk into a furnace, the BBQ pit was right there, with racks of chicken and ribs cooking. It was always too warm and smoky in there, but the food was superb and the service was great.

Then They decided to build a freeway ramp right where Andy's was. So Andy's closed, and a long time later re-opened in Santa Cara many miles away in what had been a tacky bar & grill. As far as I can tell, the only part of Andy which remains is the name. The food is nowhere as good, you can't see the kitchen, service is erratic because people don't always show up. The people who show up try their best. The only improvement is the temperature is always comfortable. But Automation Guy is in love with their (IMHO mediocre) ribs, so we go there from time to time. The old Andy's was famous for its generously meaty beef ribs. The new one only has beef ribs on Mondays, and after a few tries I have stopped bothering. And oh, They never built the freeway ramp. Instead the property was sold by the city to a motel chain.  

I finished my weekly retort at about 5, and left soon after.

First stop: Costco. Dropped off the next set of 500 slides from 1975-77 Thailand. Meant to only buy some Oreos and chocolates, and maybe paper lates. Spent >$100.
Next stop: Safeway because Costco doesn't sell egg nog or storage container jars. I almost bought some Costco diced/dried garlic for the jars, but $4 each was a bit too much. And I also wanted to pick up just enough eggs, flour and sugar to make Kourabiethes, now that I have the cardamom for them. Safeway was not only out of egg nog, they no longer have space marked for it. And they didn't have the jars I wanted.
Next stop: Lucky's. Got two half gallons of egg nog, and some jars.
Next stop: Starbucks, redeemed my latest free drink credit and update the laptop's virus scan definitions. When I ordered, I asked how late they were open. They said 9 pm. WTF of the day - at 8 pm all the unoccupied tables have their chairs stacked on top and the guy is mopping the floor. Listen people, you mop the floor after you lock up for the night, not an hour before closing. I saw three couples walk away when they saw the chairs on top of the tables. Stoopid.

Next stop: Apartment mailbox. I have not used my Slate card in almost a year, and they claim to be super security conscious, but they send me pre-printed checks, unsolicited and unwanted. Talk about begging for identity theft. I shred them. I ought to mail the shreds back to them with a nastygram. And I really need to close that account.

Final stop: home. Lots of football on Tivo. Caught the end of the Duke loss to Cincinati. Watched the Bruins get ripped apart by Baylor, a game which ended in the refs awarding a touchdown to a UCLA play which was actually stopped at the 2 yard line as rime ran out. They refused to review the play, which ought to get some refs fired, since it's a requirement. I don't care that it didn't change who won or lost, but it did change the outcome of the game. Officiating seems to get worse and worse at both college and pro levels in football. I don't follow hockey or basketball to know about those. Baseball officiating is mostly about calling strikes and balls, and the umpire really ought to be replaced with an electronic sensor. TV coverage has been using (unofficial) electronic strike zone imaging for years. They have been doing the same for calling a strike vs. a checked swing.

Spent some time on Quicken and FB and Twitter.  

One of the stores had row upon row of Prego brand products. I wonder who was pregnant.

Gave Kaan most of his liquid medicine, which gained me a couple of scratches on my tummy and a scared 14-lb cat. His adoption papers said 16 lbs, bu he weighed in at the vet at 14.15 lbs. I credit having a large apartment to run around in.

Plans for tomorrow:
Kaan to vet
Catch up on sleep
Make goodies
Go to dinogrl and dave_gallaher's House of Spike party. I will probably bring Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares, and maybe Kourabiethes.
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