Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Why am I even partially awake?

No idea.

Part of the pre-dental thing for a cat is you hide the food at 9 pm, because they will be under general anesthesia. At about 4 am, Kaan starts yelling, jumps on the bed and runs into the catfood area, lather, rinse, repeat. He finally gets the idea I am ignoring him, and I get another hour's sleep, waking up too early fearing I will wake up too late. I set the alarm on the new phone, but I have not used it before so I don't trust it. I need to be out of the apartment by about 7 am.

The alarm does its thing, blasting the business end of Stars and Stripes Forever, it takes me a while to find the off button.

Dressed, poured Kaan into his carrier (this really needs 3 hands to achieve with any precision), and head off to the vet.

They have me sign the estimate, which is a good $200 more than what I expected (having done this to cats at two previous vets). And of course there was the note that if it looked like Trouble, there would be a $70/each X-ray and a "you don't even want to know" charge for extractions.  

Home, did my usual morning stuff, then to work.

Looked at my to-do list, and there was only one test left to run, but it was a doozy.

Lunch with automation guy at the Thai place where they speak my native language to me. While there I noticed my voicemail icon was on, the vet had called to say Kaan probably needed two teeth pulled, maybe 4, so I called her back and said to go ahead and do whatever. That turned out to be another $300. 

Then back to work where I mostly look for tests but don't find any. There are some lengthy video quality tests I signed up to do, but they require a special dual-machine setup which needs to be prepped by someone else on my team. Maybe Monday.

The hardest I worked today may have been in trying to come up with things to put in my weekly report, because even though I did a reasonable amount of work, the number of items was small.

Went to the vet, spent about half an hour waiting, being briefed by the vet (two teeth were pulled), waiting, and taking Kaan home with two sets of liquid meds which I knew were never going into his mouth. I did try, 3 times, but he is strong and fast and can see a syringe from 5 feet away. He was still a little dulled by the anesthetic, but not dulled enough to bolt when he saw meds coming his way. I am not strong enough to hold him, open his mouth and squirt the stuff. It needs 4 hands, and that's more hands than I was issued.

She also gave me some dentally correct semi-dry food to switch him over to, but no way Jose. Because Domino will eat it all, and then barf it everywhere. There is no place I can put food were Kaan can get to it and Domino can't. When I had to do that for Pumpkin it was easy - he couldn't get his huge self up past the bottom rung of the cat tree. But Domino and Kaan are both climbers.

Anyhow, Kaan went to his food dish, and then to Domino's, and while he ate slowly, he didn't have any trouble with the dry food.

After giving up on chasing Kaan around, I pulled six different cheeses out of the fridge, used the Cuisinart to shred them, and made fondue in the big pot I'd bought a couple of months ago. It was delicious. The only bread I had was fresh sliced sourdough, but cutting it up and nuking it a few times in the microwave dried it out just enough for fondue.

I ate maybe 1/3 of it, the rest was poured into storage containers after it cooled enough.

Plans for tomorrow:
Nothing really. Keep an eye on Kaan. Watch some football. Catch up on Tivo and reading. Maybe some Starbucks time, now that they have put away the Jesus decorations and music.
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