Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Feels like Sunday

Both cats had decided to camp out in the livingroom, so I closed the bedroom door overnight. Tried to sleep in, but only made it to 9:30. When I opened the door, Kaan was right there, but all he wanted was to play fetch with his pink pretzel toy. :-(

Put the fondue victims into the dishwasher. Had a piece of bread pudding for breakfast. Watched some football, then went to the movies. Les Miz review in the previous posting. In a nutshell, there was a lot of fine acting, often at the expense of fine singing. There were a lot of close-ups, usually at the expense of the close-up-ee.

It was starting to rain, and I needed to call the vet (they had called while I was in the theater), so instead of hanging at Starbucks and scoping the eye candy, I went home to confirm that all the cat poop was normal. Called the vet. talked to an assistant, she gave me some stupid ideas for how to dose Kaan, all of which required Cthulu Grip™. She said she would ask the vet if he could have an antibiotic shot instead, and she would call back. While we were talking he jumped up on my lap and gave me a couple of head butts. I think he's feeling fine.

In the meantime I was able to get him to chow down on some dosed canned food, after he nearly took off my hand while I tried the most likely-sounding of the stupid suggestions. She called back too late, said an injection would be okay if I could get him there by 5, or Monday. No, not going back there for a while. Three times in 2 weeks is enough.

Dinner was dolmathes for appetizer, and reheated roast duck, which both cats got nibbles of. Mint chocolate chip ice cream with lactose-free whipped cream, chocolate syrup and malted milk for dessert.

More football, mostly in the background as I wrote the Lez Miss review. Checked in just in time to see the final Futile Effort® by the Vikings.

Did laundry - shirts. Opened up the dishwasher to put the clean stuff away, but much of it was not clean. This is a small dishwasher, and a cookie sheet has to lean halfway across the bottom rack. Note to self: anything on the top rack above a cookie sheet will not get washed. Did a second round, much of it from the first round.

Plans for tomorrow:
Two potentially excellent football games on TV. I'll Tivo the second one
Shop for a pair of sink racks. The 2-section sink curves toward the drains instead of being flat like a normal sink, so nothing stands up.
Coffee w/Janice
Maybe hit Cheetah's. It's been a while.
Tags: cats, food, movies

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