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Snide remarks

A few short thoughts on Consonance.

After a full day, they still did not have the program up on the web site. That's absurd and disgusting for a group where the singing circles are littered with laptops.

The con suite has the best stocked food table of any con I've been to. Kudos to whomever organized that. The room is too small, but blame the hotel for that.

There are at least four open filk rooms. None were in use any time I checked.

Friday night I got there late, and only caught the Peter S. beagle concert. I have this to say:

Peter has a gorgeous bass-baritone voice.
He has a terrific sense of humor.
He sings so articulately that I even understood the song he did in French, and I don't speak French.
His guitar playing is pretty good.
Peter can carry a tune in a bucket. Unfortunately, he either forgot to bring his bucket, or the one he brought was too small, because the key he was singing in would often vary a step or three from the key he was playing in.
And he had left his sense of rhythm in his other suit as well.

The Cindy memorial circle was well-attended, many Cindy songs and other appropriate numbers were done, and many boxes of Kleenex circulated. I don't have the Kleenex gene, so I don't know if I feel sorry for those who do or if I should be jealous. At any rate, Cindy touched many hearts, and the memorial was heart-felt. The mystery of whether Dr. Jane and Dr. James were the same person was solved (I had not seen the Good Doctor since before the name change). It was good to see her singing robustly and even better to see her laughing at some of the comic lyrics.

I don't have to confess, but I will, that I did not particularly care for most of Cindy's music, in the same way I don't particularly care for Wagner or epic poetry. I see the art and beauty of the music, but for the most part it doesn't interest me. She tended to write epic lyrics and tunes which did not travel very far up and down the scale. Every now and then she would break loose and write something lighter and more melodic, and those I liked.

But the song I think of when I think of Cindy is one she didn't write, and I don't think she ever sang outside of a filk circle. It's called Flowers for Algernon, by Kathy Mar, and is about the short story of the same name which you may know as the movie Charlie starring Robert Preston. The frst time I heard the song was in a filk circle at one of the San Jose Red Lion science fiction cons, probably BayCon. Kathy sang it, and Cindy was singing along. That particular circle was mostly a tag team event with Kathy and Cindy playing and singing their tunes, and after that circle, I made it a point to find open filking at any con I went to. After it was too late, I realized it would have been an appropriate song for the memorial:

If you remember put some flowers on his grave
He was my little friend for all the comfort that he gave
He never called me Dummy he was always on my side
I was so very sorry when he died

His operation made him smart
He ran the maze so good
But always had some time to be my friend
We used to race and he would win
It always made me mad at him
But he would still be nice even then


And when my operation made
me smarter he was there
To show me what would happen next to me
It wasn't always in a book
I had to hurt and sometimes look
At sad things that I didn't want to see


And now the smartness goes away
And Algernon is dead
And all my friends are nice to me again
But when I am like Algernon
Asleep inside the dirt and gone
I wonder who will think about me then


Words and music: Kathy Mar

Copyright 1985 Kathy Mar

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