Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not much to say

Had a fitful night, arthritis pain, thought I had a fever but the thermometer said no. Took acetaminophen, back to bed at 4 am. Woke up well after the alarms, Kaan was curled up against me. He has successfully taken three doses of his antbiotics mixed with kitty crack, and when I talked to the vet this morning she said he's also still covered by the shot she gave him.

Work was tedious, I found a significant bug, which stopped my automation scripting for a while. Tested a related bug which the engineer said was fixed, but he obviously didn't actually run the test. Marked it "not fixed".

Lunch was going to be at Starbucks, but the place was packed. My guess is lots of unemployed now that the holiday shopping season is over. Had bad Chinese food next door.

Home, stopped off to pick up a package & put Kaan on the rental agreement, and show phone photos of him to the staff.

Plugged in the laptop and did some FB on it, thinking it also needed updates but it didn't.

Gave Domino her treats and Kaan his dosed crack. Dinner was some celery, dolmathes and pieces of fried chicken discovered in an archaeological dig of the freezer. Watched the latest episode of The Mentalist, and Undercover Boss.

Pulled out the Motophone and found a few apps which needed to be loaded onto the new Samsung. Bar code scanner, Tivo, speed test, eljay reader. The Moto had been unplugged for days, still had 100% charge.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe write a book review for The Drink Tank. Let's Pretend This Never Happened, by Jennifer Lawson. aka The Bloggess. Micro-review: she is funnier on her journal. Worth BASFA auction.

Tags: books, food, phones, work, writing

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