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It Can Stay in the dryer one more day

Washed the whites last night, put them in the dryer late, decided they can stay till tomorrow, I have better things to do.

Work was another adventure in automation. Automation Guy told me that a script I wrote in Jython to upgrade the firmware is going into his library. Brownie point for me, I guess. Finally discovered how to make a Do While loop with our scripter program - turns out the loop feature is all I need.

Lunch was stupidity. Four of us went to a new Korean chicken place - it took 15 minutes to get there, half an hour to get a table, 20 minutes to get food after ordering. I keep telling these guys not to go at noon on a Friday. At 1 there were plenty of free tables. We're not on a schedule, we can make lunch hour any time we want. The chicken was very good. The cole slaw was okay. They didn't need to put the cubes of what looked like Jicama in a little bowl on the plate. The stuff which was actually a radish.

After work I got my nails done. Vanessa was busy, she called Joy over. Joy is Asian, speaks Vietnamese to her co-workers, and no-accent American English to the customers.  When I mentioned Thailand, she asked if I speak Thai. Turns out she is half Thai, was born there and left when she was 4. We chatted a little in Thai but she was more comfortable with English.

Next stop, the McDonald's nearest the nail place. It looks great on the outside but inside it's a lot older than the one I went to yesterday. Wi-fi was better, but there were no AC outlets. I got a chocolate shake, and sat down to write a book review. After about half an hour, the beeper on something in the kitchen went off, and it just kept getting ignored. Finally drove me out of there, I went home, put the doc on a thumb drive and ported it to the PC to finish it.

It is on its way to johnnyeponymous for one of his ezines.

Got email from the Brigadoon producer, with a rehearsal schedule. No weekend rehearsals except for the Saturday before we open. This means I won't miss much going to conflikt  (they already know I'll be gone) and I can go to consonance_con. So I printed a check1 and an envelope and those will be on their way to Dr. Jim tomorrow. Yay!

Went to reorder litterbox refills, and Amazon has stopped selling them, with a note that there have been many complaints about defects. Yup, I noticed the quality of the last batch sucked. So I found someplace called "wag.com" and ordered from them for about the same price for a 6-pack.

12:15 am noticed I had not eaten yet. Heated up a bagel & yellow cheese-like substance after unwrapping it individually from a sheaf of plastic. Slapped on some lox. Yum. The cats both thought so too.

Everything online tonight took too long, missed the strip club. Must go there tomorrow, I am almost out of 1's. I ran out at work yesterday, had to go to the car and steal some parking meter quarters.

Plans for tomorrow:
Spend quality time with my socks
Football games don't start till 1:30, 49ers at 5. Should be done at a good time for Cheetah's.

Actually, I printed 10 checks. The first 3 were alignment adjustments I was too lazy to make when I first created the check design, then I noticed it still had my old address, and the rest were adjustments to the positioning of the payee, amount, memo and signature lines. I have several tons of blank check paper which came free with the check designer software.
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