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Boo Hiss

Seahawks lost, thanks to their coach's dirty trick backfiring. :-(

Slept well, was up at 6 because Kaan was making noise and jumping on the bed wanting to play fetch. Back to sleep, up again at 10, as planned.

The Seahawks were already behind 0-10 by the time I was showered, shaved, medicated and dressed. Less than half an hour. This did not bode well.

So I did other things until lunchtime, and turned it on again to see an amazing comeback. With better clock management they would have won. It was nice to see center Max Unger make a heads-up goal-line in-the-air fumble recovery, though they didn't give him official credit because it was his own guy who fumbles, and the guy had already broken the plane. Touchdown, though.

Lunch was dim sum, broke out my steamers for that.

Called my Baltimore sister to tell her a couple of Ravens jokes. Cell signal on the new phone sucks. I'll have to do some research on that. May be the individual phone, may be the phone design. It isn't Verizon, I had a good signal on the Motorola phones with them.

Mostly ignored the Houston-New England game. I was happy to see Texas lose but sad to see the Patriots dominate. It is going to be an interesting next pair of games.

Met Janice for coffee, got caught up. She will be leaving next week for NJ as a Red Cross volunteer, she is both a degreed social worker and has $$ administrative expereince, and will be helping the Sandy victims who are not being helped by FEMA, thanks to the Congrassholes.

Home, Kaan was so affectionate as I petted him while he was on the 2nd to top platform on the taller cat tree that he did a back flip and fell off. His antibiotics are done, so tonight I tried mixing the anti-itch stuff into his Fancy Feast. He was not fooled. A shame, because he is still itching some. Maybe I'll try the human Benadryl liquid topical lotion on him.

Watched another episode of Shark Tank, and was surprised that none of them were interested in a novel ice cream shop with a good track record, but they all wanted in on two other businesses which  struck me as being dead ends.

Dinner was a Stouffer's pot pie, which tasted very good but their microwave package design gave me a lopsided, soft-top, burnt bottom crust.

Also played the latest Elementary which has the world's worst plot designers. It's a very poor imitation of Lie To Me. The premise is the same: talented Brit with no social skills, aided by beautiful woman who is socially and intellectually his superior solve crimes. The main difference is in Lie To Me the talented Brit reads faces and body languages while in Elementary he pulls the answers out of his ass. They almost lost me last time with a plot about Russian spies which was probably found in a 1950's reject pile. This time it was about a psychopathic serial killer who killed 37 people, but not the Brit's girlfriend. And he was not a psychopath, just a hired assassin.

Plans for tomorrow:
Brigadoon dialect rehearsal (first rehearsal, apparently called a week prematurely by the director).

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